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Joy Prime:Sirf Tum Update- Tuesday 13 FEB. 2024

By wickedtom Feb 12, 2024
Sirf Tum

Suhani asking Ranveer, where was he since morning and asks why he didn’t reach for his felicitation. He says he has to do this. She asks what was the reason? He says you was the reason. He lights the match stick and throws on the wood logs. He then shows her Sirf tum on the sky and Suhani written on the ground, with crackers playing around it. Suhani looks at Ranveer.

Ranveer smiles and says Dadu always says that whatever we said might not be right, but it is not right that we stop expressing due to this fear. He says today I want to express my feelings to you, he says these promises is not for Ms. Zimmedari, but for the girl, who became my Zimmedari (Responsibility, Zid (stubbornness) and now my Zindagi (life).

Suhani looks on. He says you are the reason of my life and tells that she is the one for him, says you live for your dream and you are my dream to make me live. He says love meaning is different in today’s times, people express their love using coffee date, etc, but I am old school, my heart beat increases seeing you and your soul shall feel it, this is love for me.

He says the thing which is in my heart, shall reach your heart before it comes on my mouth, if I don’t tell anything, but you understand, that is love for me. He says you are just for me, even if do any mistake, you are my destination etc. He says Suhani might be the name of a girl for the world, but she became my life, and I didn’t know. He says I want to share my feelings with you, and asks for an answer.

Suhani says I don’t know what to say, how to thank you, this is all dream from me, I have seen all this in films and says you have left your felicitation to do this for me. She says how to thank you for standing infront of my death to save me. She says you are perfect man for any girl, your love is such that anyone can bend down their head towards you. She says you thought me suitable for your love, what big could be than this, but….She says I couldn’t give you the value to your love, which you deserve.

She says my life’s only dream is to become a doctor, and says it is my mother’s dream too. She says if I accept your love, then I can’t do justice with you or Maa. She says she has no place for this dream right now. Ranveer is shocked and upset. Suhani says I know Ranveer….Rnveer says you don’t need to give explanation, I respect your decision, I expressed my feelings to you, don’t think about all this, concentrate on your dream and focus on it. Suhani cries.

Ranveer says I had told you that she shall have dream of becoming a doctor, and not tears. He wipes her tears. He asks her not to take his talks on her heart and says I didn’t want to lie to you, and that’s why said everything to you. He says one last thing, we might not have any relation, but we have friendship relation with each other and I will stand with you at any corner with you.

He says I will make my heart understand. He says I will call you at 9 pm exactly to talk about syllabus and semester. Suhani says I will manage, you don’t need to worry. Ranveer says never leave your friend alone. Suhani says thank you for understanding. Ranveer says lets go from here. She walks away from there and looks at Ranveer. Ranveer also leaves from there.

Rakesh thinks of Vikrant’s words that he wants to hire young talent and asking him to join some other company, which wants to hire experienced employees like you. Dadi and Sudha serve the food on the table. Rakesh takes water glass and falls down unconscious on the floor. Dadi, Sudha and Kamini get worried. Kamini calls doctor. Ranveer opens the taxi door for Suhani. Suhani sits in the taxi. Ranveer sits on his bike. Suhani looks at him from the taxi.

Doctor checking Rakesh and telling Sudha and Dadi, that he needs to rest and shall not take stress, as he got heart attack recently. He prescribes medicines for him and goes. Dadi sits and asks Rakesh, why is he worried? Suhani is in the taxi and looks at Ranveer, who is on the bike. She recalls his words that she is his life mission, but she refusing to accept his love.

She recalls his love confession, and recalls telling him that she has no place for his dream. Sirf tum plays……Rakesh tells that he has realized that life is not trustable, and he is scared thinking what will happen to them, if anything happens to him. Dadi asks him to stop thinking nonsense? Sudha ask why are you thinking like this. Rakesh says nobody has seen tomorrow and says if I lose my job then? He says how the house responsibilities and Suhani’s marriage will happen.

Dadi says if God closes one way, then it opens another too. Rakesh says I am a daughter’s father and shall think all this probabilities. He says I have saved Suhani from the world so that she can get saved from all the troubled. He says people might call me stubborn, arrogant etc. He says this is my love and upbringing for my daughter, which nobody can give to her, after I die, not even Ishaan. Kamini says I can understand your worry, being a mother of a daughter.

She says I can unburden your worry and asks him to get Suhani married. Rakesh says where to get good guy? Kamini says Nikki had got some alliance, but she is young. She says she can talk about Suhani’s marriage with that guy. Sudha says Suhani has to study now. Rakesh says I will not snatch her dream, and will search such a guy for her, who thinks Suhani’s dream as his dream. He says once Suhani is married, he can die peacefully. Sudha says I was telling that….Dadi stops her.

Suhani gets down from the taxi and says bye Ranveer. She starts walking to her house. Ranveer leaves. Rakesh tells Sudha that he will search such a guy for Suhani, who will keep her happy after marriage, and asks her not to worry. They see Suhani coming home. Suhani ask what has happened to Papa, why is he lying like this? She comes near Rakesh.

Rakesh sits on the sofa. Suhani sits beside him and asks if he is fine? Rakesh hugs her and says I am fine. Kamini asks where was you? She says Bhai’s condition got worsen, and Doctor said that he is stressed and his life can be in danger. Suhani asks why are you worried? Kamini asks where was you, so late in night.

Suhani says actually, it was Ranveer’s felicitation and he was missing, everyone was searching him and that’s why she got late. Rakesh asks if Ranveer is fine? Suhani says yes, and apologizes to Rakesh. Rakesh says I am fine. Dadi asks him to take rest and asks Sudha to take him. Sudha takes him to room. Suhani sits on the sofa.

Ranveer comes home. Mamta asks where was you, since last night and don’t care for me. She asks why you didn’t go for your felicitation. Ranveer says I was busy with Suhani. He asks her not to ask many questions from him, and says I will tell when the right time comes. He says you got confusion on seeing the girl in college that day, but I don’t have any confusion and told Suhani about my feelings to her. Mamta gets worried thinking about Vikrant’s promise to Rhea’s father.

Vikrant comes there and asks where was he, since last night. Mamta says I heard his answer and requests him not to make any promise which he can’t fulfill. She says Ranveer loves Suhani a lot and can’t think of anyone else except her, and asks him not to play with three lives for his stubbornness, and asks him to cancel his business deal.

Vikrant scolds her and says I know what is better for Ranveer. He says this house is mine, and whatever I want will happen, I have decided that Rhea will become this house bahu and nobody else. He asks her to feed this in Ranveer’s mind.

Ranveer looks at the notes in his room. Kamini asks Suhani to serve the food and says there is no use of becoming a doctor and says you have become his illness, and forgotten him due to Ranveer. Ranveer calls Suhani, but she doesn’t see his call. He gets worried. Suhani looks at her mobile when he calls again. Ranveer thinks if she is in some problem.

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