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Star Life: Destined by Fate Update – Monday 12 Feb. 2024

By wickedtom Feb 12, 2024
Destined by Fate

Kanha tells Nakul that if Chaman had found him stealing money from a locker, she would have sent him to jail. Nakul says that money belongs to them. Sayuri asks why he stole money from the locker. Nakul lies that he got some extra work from workers and promised to pay them extra, they will come here and insult us if he doesn’t pay them. Kanha asks who are those employees whom he doesn’t know. Nakul says they are temporary employees and says he need not worry as there is so much money in the locker that Chaman will not doubt them.

Chaman wakes up in the morning thinking she will freshen up and record a video with Kanha. She is shocked to notice the cupboard open and the keys in the locker. She checks her locker finds nothing missing and thinks about what must have happened. Sayuri walks in with tea for her.

Chaman asks who had entered her room and opens her locker. Sayuri stands tensed. Kanha enters and asks who will dare to mess up with her and she must have forgotten keys in the locker like he usually does. Chaman thinks he is right, nobody will mess up with her and she must have left keys in the locker after getting intoxicated.

Rashmi fumes when Nakul doesn’t pick up her call and tries to walk out of the house. Indu warns her not to make any mistake again and forces her to think that she made a mistake by letting her stay in her house. Rashmi thinks she needs to convince Nakul and get into Chaudhry’s house to manipulate Chaman Bahar and start ruling over Chaudhry Nivas again.

Sayuri serves breakfast to Chaman and Tingu and asks how is it. Chaman says if it’s not good, she will throw the plate on her face. Sayuri says she’s just checking whether she should make any changes in her cooking. Chaman says she couldn’t act over-smart. Sayuri then talks to Tingu.

Tingu asks her not to butter him as he doesn’t blindly trust people like Chaman. He after finishing breakfast asks Chaman not to trust Sayuri and Kanha. After some time, Sayuri informs Kanha about Tingu doubting her.

Chaman asks him not to always think negatively, Kanha is working hard to make her famous via his vlogs and Sayuri is serving her so well, that she will not doubt them. Sayuri informs Kanha about Tingu doubting her. Kanha explains his plan how he will keep Chaamn busy with his fake video views and comments and she and Nakul tackle Tingu in their style.

Rashmi walks to Nakul and requests him to let her help his family in their plan to tackle Chaman as she knows Chaman better. He refuses to take her help and warns her to stay away from him. Rashmi notices his anxiousness and hides something in his back pocket.

Ammu’s boss tells her that her client will not come as he can get the same service for 2-3000 rs instead of paying 1 lakh rs. Ammu says he is right. The boss says he knows that man is her lover and will do anything for her, was just testing her. Ammu denies. Nakul reaches and offers him 1 lakh rs.

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