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Star Life: Destined By Fate Update – Saturday 10 February 2024

By wickedtom Feb 9, 2024

Destined by Fate Saturday Update – 10 February 2024: Chaudhrys stays in a store room after Kanha and Sayuri convince Chaman to let them stay at their house and work for her. Tej says this place doesn’t even have a fan. Kanha tells the family that they will have to tolerate hardship for some time until their plan succeeds. Nakul and Sayuri back him.

Family agrees. Kanha tells Sayuri that he noticed that Chaman has a soft corner for him. Sayuri says even she noticed that Chaman likes him like other girls. Kanha says he thinks he can manipulate Chaman and take over the business while she concentrates at home and finds out where Chaman has hidden property documents. Sayuri agrees and asks him to be careful as Chaman is dangerous and can trap him in a fake case.

Kanha walks to Chaman and talks to her in a charming tone. Chaman imagines them together. Kanha invites her for pooja tonight and insists she performs aarti. Chaman agrees. He continues to lure her with his charm.

Sayuri gets jealous seeing that and thinks of confronting him. Indu and Bhanu feel concerned for Chaudhrys and think about how will they stay in a store room, Chaman will force them to work as servants. Rashmi walks in and pleads with them to let her stay in their house.

They both deny it and say they can’t until Sayuri permits her. Rashmi says Sayuri herself asked her to stay in the backside room. They stand shocked.

Pooja starts in the evening. Kanha asks Chaman to perform aarti and records her video. He silently drops keys from her waist. Tingu looks at them. Sayuri spreads holy smoke and silently picks keys, she thinks she has the house keys and soon will get back locker keys and house back.

After the pooja, Chaman asks Chaudhrys to get back to work and gives them household tasks. She Dhanraj to bring alcohol. Dhanraj refuses. Kanha says Nakul will bring alcohol. Chaman agreed and ordered them to bring even nonveg.

Saroj resists and says she will not allow nonveg in her house where she prays Krishnaji. Chaman threatens and humiliates her. Sayuri stops Saroj and agrees to prepare non veg. Chaman asks everyone to get back to work and asks Kanha to record her video and glance at her beauty. Sayuri stands fuming.

The End!

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