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Star Life: Divya Drishti Update – Saturday 10 February 2024

By wickedtom Feb 9, 2024

Divya Drishti Saturday Update – 10th February 2024: Chetan is fainting. Rakshit saves him. Divya tries to use her powers. Chetan says your powers are working. How is it possible?

Drishti is in her room. Rakshit dresses her wound. He says I wish I could save you. She says I can also save you, If I didn’t kill the fake Rakshit, you would be… Rakshit says in hell? He says you wouldn’t even care a few months ago. He says I would. Rakshit dresses her wound.

Shekhar says are you okay? She says what do you care? Did you even tell us why did you come on our side? Do you have an answer? He says yes I have an answer.

Rakshit helps Drishti in dressing up because she has a bandage on her hand. Rakshit comes close to her.

Shekhar says I wanted to be with someone better than Pisachin. She says I don’t trust you. This isn’t the answer. She says you’re not the real Shekhar. Where is the real Shekhar who met me in the car in childhood? Where is he? You are questioning yourself.

Rakshit caresses Drishti’s face. Mahima says Rakshit your dad is calling you downstairs. Rakshit pulls Drishti close. He says we have to go.

Chetan says Pisachini couldn’t unite the Ratans. Drishti and Divya see the star. Charanjeet says she isn’t able to unite the ratan. If she doesn’t, she will be the most powerful. Drishit says that means we have time to get the Kaal Vijay back.

Scene 2:

Pisachini is callnig kaal devta. Kaal devta comes and shows her a letter.

Divya and Drishti are trying to enter Pisacini’s cave. Drishti tries to find out what is she doing.

Kaal brings Bichu back. He says you don’t have time You have to get the maha powers. You will have three levels to cross. Each would come with a hint. Pisachini says you died. Bichu says I went to hell but then came back. Bichu reads the hint, one life in return for another. It is where the pure fire is, pick it. He says what does it mean? She says I don’t know either.

They all try to enter the door. They come in and see it’s all dark.

They see burned papers. DDrishti says is there a clue in it? Rakshit touches the paper pieces, it unites. Romi says something is written on it. Drishit reads the clue that Bichu reads.

Mahima Chetan and everyone read it. Mahima tries to explain it to them. She says this hint might get us the first ratan. Pisachini hears them talking. Mahima says it is related somehow to your mother Divya Drishti.

Rakshit says let’s go there to pick that fire. Mahima says only women can go there. Drshti says then I will go. Mahima says I will go too. Divya says me too.

Chetan says take care of yourself, Mahima. I got you after years.

Shekhar says to Divya take care. She says I will trust you when I find out about the real Shekhar. She leaves.

Rakshit says to Drishti take care. He fills her hairline. Rakshit says if there is danger, please face it. Good luck, I am waiting for you.

Kaal starts his magic. Chetan her something. Someone comes in in his room. Shekhar says did any of them call you? Please let me know. chetan says this noise… Shekhar says I can’t hear anything.

Scene 3:

The women are in the jungle. Mahima says you go, I can’t walk this fast. drishti says we won’t leave you alone. Divya says we lost our mother, we left her alone. We won’t leave you alone. Drishti says I will go to the temple. Divya says why? Drishti says because I am older. Mahima says then me? Drishit says I am your DIl, I can’t risk another mom’s life.

Drishit says in their heart someone was following us, I will face whoever is there in the cave.

Rakshit says to Romi we should also go. Romi says I am sleepy. Rakshti says are you crazy? Shekhar says he is useless. Rakshti says to keep your phone on. Romi says if Divya calls, I will let you know Shekhar says she would call me. Romi says we will see.

Pisachini and Bichu stop their way. Drishit says move. I have the ratans. Divya says they are still not yours. We have powers that you can’t face. Pisacini shoves them. She says where is my ratna. A dwarf takes the ratan. Pisachini says return my ratans.

He gives only two. She says give me my ratan. He says I am the protector of this cave. Pisachini says I don’t care who you are give me my ratan and tell me where is akhand jhot. Go bring it for me. Bichy says give it to me.

The dwarf shoves bichy. He moes a wall with his power. There is akhand jot. Pisachini says I am coming. He lights a fire. He says one life has to be sacrificed before entering. Guru Ji made this rule. Divya says what… He says you have to make a sacrifice to get the rat.

He disappears. Mahima says to kill me. Divya says no. Drishit says no. Bichy says what should we do. Pisachini says I will find an answer. divya says I will give my life. drishit says no. Drishit says I will do everything here. They all fight. Drishti is going. Divya stops her with her powers. She says you can’t do this.

The End!

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