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Star Life: Faltu Friday Update – 9 February 2024

By wickedtom Feb 9, 2024

Faltu Friday Update – 9 February 2024: The Episode starts with Janardhan asking Ayaan not to worry. The inspector asks them to leave. Ayaan says go home, it’s late. Kinshuk says take care, we will handle it. Ayaan says don’t worry about me. They leave. Faltu and Ayaan cry.

She says I can’t do anything without you. He says you know everything, you don’t need anyone, keep patience and play. She says no, I will practice when you come out. He says we will not leave cricket for anyone, you have to become precious, no matter what happens to me. She cries. He signs her to go. She leaves. He sits crying. Sid asks Tanu to have food.

Tanu sees Ayaan’s pic. Kanika comes. Sid says she didn’t eat anything till now. Kanika asks Tanu to have food. She says please have a bite. Tanu says no Mom, Ayaan would be hungry in jail. Sid and Kanika ask her to have food.

Tanu said no, Faltu would have not eaten anything, then how can’t I eat, she went to meet Ayaan, when Ayaan knows I had eaten food, he would feel bad, I wanted to show him that I loved him a lot, Faltu’s love is just a show-off, I will make Ayaan come out of jail and send Faltu away.

Sid says I don’t think Faltu will agree to leave Ayaan. Tanu says she will agree, until then I will not eat food. Kanika asks Sid to take care of Tanu. Sid asks her not to worry. He says the family is trying to find a lawyer for Ayaan, I’m sure they will find someone.

Everyone comes back home. Janardhan says to call everyone here. He gets angry. Dadi and Savita ask about the matter. Sid and Tanu come. Janardhan says we aren’t one family now, so we won’t dine together, Sid and Tanu will have separate kitchens.

Faltu says you are angry, we can’t decide this, you forgot what Kanika told you about the house. Harsh and Savita ask what is the matter. Janardhan says I had mortgaged this house and took money from Kanika.

Savita says you didn’t tell us about it. Dadi says you should have asked us. He says I didn’t wish to trouble you, I wanted to save the family from every trouble, so I was silent and heard them, Kanika threatened me that she would remove everyone from this house, and now I’m not scared of her if she gets happiness by ousting us, then fine, we will leave the house.

Faltu says please calm down, it’s our house, how will we go, if Ayaan knows that we got homeless, what will he go through, just let him come out of jail, don’t lose courage, listen to me, bad can get powerful but good always triumphs. Dadi asks where will we go if Kanika ousts us.

It’s morning, and Ayaan is brought to the court. The reporters trouble him and also his family. Ayaan is shocked and takes a gun from the policeman. He says I can’t see my family getting insulted, I’m sorry. He shoots himself. Savita shouts Ayaan and falls. Faltu wakes up from this nightmare. She says I won’t let anything happen to this family, I will do anything for it.

She goes to Tanu. Tanu says I’m feeling bad seeing Ayaan, you are so selfish to see him suffering. Faltu reads her letter, she is leaving Ayaan’s life and house. Tanu smiles and hugs her.

Faltu doesn’t give the letter. She says I will give it to you, but will you spare Ayaan and her family. Tanu says, of course, I’m in a hurry to get Ayaan freed, everyone will be happy once you leave, give me this letter.

Faltu tears the letter. Tanu asks what did you do. Faltu says his real happiness is with me, I will never leave him, you are threatening to oust us, what will you do if Janardhan decides to leave the house, Ayaan will never forgive you, all the best.

Faltu asks her to be careful. Tanu gets angry. Its morning, Faltu sings O palanhaare…. Everyone comes for aarti. Faltu gives the aarti to them.

Kanika scolds Faltu for disturbing Tanu’s sleep. She asks are you not ashamed to do this drama when Ayaan is in jail. Tanu says Faltu has to do this drama, or else she won’t become great in Janardhan and Savita’s eyes, she is so selfish.

Faltu says we will meet in court now, I have no time to waste. Tanu says yes, please go and find a lawyer for Ayaan. Faltu says we got a lawyer. Kinshuk says we had got a lawyer, but now he is not answering. Everyone worries. Sid smiles.

The End!

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