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Star Life: Faltu Update – Sunday 11 February 2024

By wickedtom Feb 10, 2024

Faltu Sunday Update: Faltu said I will prove Ayaan’s innocence and bring him home. Janardhan says if Kanika loses the case, then she will vent her anger and make us leave the house.

Faltu says it’s Janardhan’s house and no one can snatch it, we will see them once Ayaan comes out. The man is put inside the cell. He sees Ayaan and says I know you, you are Ayaan Mittal, sorry I stole the biscuits pack from your mart. The inspector comes and asks Ayaan to apologize to Kanika and end this matter.

Ayaan says very soon, the culprits will be here, don’t worry, thanks. The inspector says I was just doing good. He goes. Ayaan thinks how would Faltu know how to get the proof, she isn’t very educated, and she doesn’t know business, so how will she get the proof? Faltu goes out of the house and meets the Chawl guys.

She says Ayaan didn’t do anything, he got framed. The guy says we will do anything you say, you are like my sister. She says we have to go to JM mart and find evidence. They say you may land in trouble if you get caught. She says I know a backdoor way.

Ayaan sees Tanu and asks what are you doing here? She says I got your fav Chinese food. He gets angry and scolds her. She says Faltu is your bad luck, I’m your good luck. He calls her mad and asks her to get her mind treated by a doctor. He asks her to get lost. She says I will go if you want, but please have this food, I got your favorite Chinese. She says I don’t want it. She says please.

He throws the food and says I will never come back to you, I hate your face, you disgust me, and I get angry at myself that I made you my friend. She says I love you. He says I hate you, get out, and don’t show your face to me again. He asks the constable to take Tanu away. Constable asks Tanu to leave. Tanu says we will talk when your anger calms down, I love you and I will always love you. Faltu and her friends reach the office. She takes a disguise.

She meets Akshay and says we don’t know if the proof is here or not. He says that the backdoor is locked, and we can’t go inside. They hear the guards talking. Faltu says we got a good chance to enter the office. Faltu and her friends check the files.

The guard catches Akshay. He takes Akshay’s phone. Tanu and Sid come there and see Faltu. Tanu removes Faltu’s veil. She says you think we are fools, we knew you wouldn’t sit calm, I had to leave my romantic date with Ayaan in jail and come here when Sid informed me. Sid says we can file a police complaint. Tanu asks Sid to call the police. She says Faltu is missing Ayaan, he would know she is useless. She pities Faltu. Faltu laughs. Tanu asks did you get a shock.

Faltu says you can do what you want. Tanu says I can get you arrested. Faltu says you can’t get me arrested, Janardhan is the ten percent owner of this company, I’m his bahu and can come to the office anytime, you can’t stop me, I can work here in the office in Dad’s place, I don’t think I have done any crime. Tanu asks Sid to take the guys outside, she has to talk to Faltu.

He asks what’s that which you can’t talk about in front of me. Tanu says please. Sid goes. Tanu says stop wasting time on these little things and focus on my offer. Ayaan says Faltu is innocent and she might fall in trouble. The inspector gets the law books for him.

Ayaan thanks him for the big favor. Another inspector says you have no proof. Ayaan says Faltu will get the proof. Faltu says I will get the proof, and Ayaan will get released. Tanu says Ayaan doesn’t deserve this and only I can get him out of jail, leave his life, it’s your last chance, you have less time. Faltu says I will not leave Ayaan, I will find the proof, it’s my promise to bring Ayaan back and punish the culprits.

The End!

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