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Star Life: Imlie Friday Update – 9 February 2024

By wickedtom Feb 9, 2024

Imlie 9 February 2024 Update: Rana’s family is busy celebrating Imlie’s baby shower ceremony when Anu silently walks away. Imlie gets suspicious and follows her. Anu receives a file from her lawyer.

Imlie asks her if she got back her properties. Anu says she has got a surprise gift for her and walks in. Ranas learns the cheque they offered to the caterer has bounced and is further shocked to know that all their bank balances have turned zero. Athava informs them that their lawyer called and informed them that all their money is transferred into Anu’s name.

Anu grins and asks Imlie if she likes her gift. Ranas is more shocked. She laughed and asked Imlie if she thought she would give her a cheap gift, her gift turned out to be more costly to Imlie. Imlie says she is angry at her for backstabbing her dear ones who trusted Anu blindly.

Atharva tells Anu that Ranas doesn’t accept defeat without fighting and asks Manish to call their lawyer, he will not let their assets be stolen by Anu so easily.

Anu says people see the success and not the hard work behind it, she acted as good for 7 months and then grabbed their wealth. Atharva gets the inspector’s call and walks aside. Imlie asks if is this the reward she gave for her family’s help.

Anu says she didn’t point a gun at them, she just snatched the power from great people. Imlie and Ranas continue to tongue-lash Anu for her betrayal. Lawyer and inspector visit Rnas. The lawyer checks papers and says everything is in order, so he can’t do anything. Atharva says Rudra never transferred anything in Anu’s name.

The inspector asks if they want to file a complaint against Anu. Manish says they will call him later and send him away. He slaps the company’s manager for helping Anu and kicks him out of the house.

Anu laughs and says helping others is Rana’s family’s favorite hobby and they should change it after she changed their fate. Imlie says Seeta Maiya wrote togetherness and good nature in their fate, etc. She says she will consider that she helped an unknown person and not her grandma and asks her to pack her bags and get out of their house.

Anu says she took revenge and didn’t do any charity, this house belongs to her now. She says she, her daughter, and her granddaughter suffered because of Imlie, and it’s her revenge. Imlie says she will drag her to court now. Devika asks Imlie to stop now and not spoil her health unnecessarily when the police and lawyer can’t do anything. Akash tells Keya that their game is over now. Anu continues to grin.

Atharva packs bags and asks Imlie to rest for some time as they don’t know where they will go from here. Imlie says there will be a day after a long night for sure. Atharva asks her to think about her baby and rest. Kairi runs and hugs Imlie.

Atharva scolds her and asks what if something happens to the baby. Kairi cries and complains to Imlie. Imlie comforts her. Kairi asks if they will return to their bad uncle’s colony again. Imlie says they will start the hide-and-seek game again.

Kairi runs away shouting she doesn’t want to go to that house again. Anu throws tantrums and shouts at the servants. Imlie walks down the stairs with Atharva with bags and falls.

The End!

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