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Star Life: Imlie Saturday Update – Saturday 10 February 2024

By wickedtom Feb 9, 2024

Imlie Saturday Update – 10 February 2024: Imlie slips and falls on her stomach while stepping down the stairs with Atharva. The family rushes to her. Anu yells at the servants and orders them to prepare coffee for her.

Servants refuse to work for her and walk away asking her to prepare it herself. Imlie writhes in pain. Atharva lifts her and asks Manish to get the car out. Anu shows the car keys and says all the cars belong to her now and if they all want to stay here, they have to work as her servant. Atharva shouts at her. Anu shouts back and says if he wants to save his wife’s life, he should accept her condition and take the car keys

Imlie agrees. Anu gives them the keys. They rush Imlie to a hospital and then return after some time. Anu stops them from entering the house and orders them to stay in servant quarters.

Family shifts to servant quarters. Rudra says he will fix everything right, he has so many friends in this city who would happily agree to help him. Imlie says they will not go from here and will fight with Anu.

Atharva says Rudra built his business with his hard work. Imlie says they will not give up. Keya says they don’t have any choice without money. Rudra says he built his business from scratch and needs Devika’s help. Devika says they all are with him. Imlie says they will show Anu that Ranas help their friends and burn their enemies. Anu walks to them and orders them to start their duty.

Ranas wears servants’ attire and starts cleaning the house. Anu orders Rudra to clean a dusty table and yells at him when he drops a vase by mistake.

Atharva gets angry. Devika apologizes and cleans the mess. Anu humiliates Imlie next. Kairi returns from school and informs Imlie that she needs to pay 5000 rs for computer class fees. Imlie stands silently.

Anu says Kairi’s mamma and papa are poor now and living on her favors. She drops coffee and says she will give 5000 rs if Imlie cleans it. Atharva says there is no need for that. Imlie says she always considered this house as hers and she doesn’t mind cleaning her house. She cleans the mess. Kairi starts crying. Atharva and Imlie comfort her.

Atharva tries to steal property papers from Anu’s cupboard and gets an electric shock. Alarm beeps. Imlie with Devika rushes to him and asks if he is fine. Anu says she is not a fool like Ranas and orders Atharva to get out of her house.

Devika apologizes to her on Atharva’s behalf and requests her not to send her son out. Imlie says Atharva should go from here for her baby’s sake. Atharva agrees and leaves Rana’s house. The family criticizes Imlie and walks away.

The End!

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