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Star Life: Imlie Update – Sunday 11 February 2024

By wickedtom Feb 10, 2024

Imlie Sunday Update: Devika pleads with Anu to forgive Atharva’s mistake. Anu rudely shouts she will not and orders Atharva to get out of her house. Imlie also asks Atharva to leave. Atharva walks away.

After some time, Imlie prays to god to support her in ending their family’s problems. Kairi asks Seeta’s mamma to fulfill her mamma’s wish and give her the fruit of success. Imlie says she is so cute.

Kairi asks if she is missing Monkey Paa, she will find and scold him for making her mamma cry and walks away from there. Imlie prays to god to help her handle Kairi.

Keya tells Akash that they shall brighten their future by supporting Anu and informing her secrets of the family. Akash says the family doesn’t reveal anything. Keya says they shall spy on Imlie and reveal her each move to Anu. They notice Imlie walking suspiciously and speaking to Atharva over the phone.

Keya snatches the phone from her and says she will complain to Anu that she was talking to Imlie. The family gathers and asks Imlie if she is talking to Atharva after sending him out of the house. Imlie sends Keya with Shivani and tells the family that she is acting as if speaking to Atharva to comfort Keya.

Family disperses. Imlie asks Keya if she is going to report against her to Anu. Keya nervously denies it and says she blabbered in anxiety. Imlie gets suspicious of them. They both discuss how to impress Anu and get into her good books. Keya says she will prepare tea for Anu.

Akash says she needs a recipe book even to boil water and forgets to prepare tea. He suggests to take great Imlie’s help. Keya walks to Imlie and asks her to prepare masala tea for her.

Imlie thinks Keya likes black coffee, so tea must be for Anu for sure. She prepares a spicy decoction and gives it to Keya. Akash sips tea and shouts feeling its spiciness. Imlie walks to them and says they have to do something else to impress Anu so that she doesn’t trouble them anymore.

They agree. She suggests they serve Anu dressed as a 5-star maid. They agree and walk in wearing blazers. Imlie suggests they clean each corner of the house and not leave even a rice grain. They get tired of working. Imlie enjoys.

Devika and Shivani criticize Imlie for sending Atharva out of the house. Keya and Akash walk to Anu and ask how can they serve her better. She says she wants to sell this house and business and settle abroad and would give them a huge commission if they find any clients.

Imlie hears their conversation. She drops a vase. Akash and Keya rush out to check. Imlie tries to hide and slips. Atharva disguised as a Dubai Sheikh enters and holds Imlie. Imlie smiles at him.

The End!

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