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Star Life: Strings Of Love Update – Monday 12 February 2024

By wickedtom Feb 10, 2024
Strings of Love

Strings of Love Monday Update: Akaal asks Garry to have some shame. Garry says Angad shall be ashamed to enjoy both, my wife and his wife. Veer understands that Garry wants to divert everyone while doing this.

Hansraj asks what you are saying. Prabhjyot asks how can you say such a big thing and asks for the proofs. Japjyot asks Prabhjyot, how she can say this. Hansraj says there must be a reason that Garry is saying this. Japjyot says Garry will say, who is saying such a cheap thing about his wife. Garry says I can’t bear this pain, how to say that Angad and Seerat have an affair? Angad asks Garry to shut up.

Garry says Angad suggests my marriage with Seerat so that I mend my ways, but he wants to enjoy. Angad couldn’t bear it and grabbed his collar, saying if he said anything then he would not leave him. Jasleen

says I know Seerat is inclined towards Angad, but don’t tell everyone. Garry asks her not to interfere. He touches Seerat’s tears and tells her that she is crying as if I am lying. He asks why you didn’t cry when you went there and gave tea to him, hanging wind chimes in his room.

He says don’t know what they did in the room. Seerat asks if I didn’t take care of Bebe when she was unwell. She says I care for everyone here. Garry says what about people, The media posted your and Angad’s photo and even clients thought that you are his wife. He says the way you look at him, and take care of him, everyone will feel this way. Sahiba asks him to stop his nonsense against her husband and sister.

Garry says when your sister and husband are doing shameless acts then shameless conversation will begin. He tells Angad that he got him married to Seerat to bring her home, and says I think that he will go on honeymoon with both.

Sahiba gets angry and slaps Garry. Jasleen shouts to Sahiba. Garry says if the truth will change then slap me more, and says we both are on the same ship, my wife and your husband were together, and you are curtaining their sin. Sahiba says Angad has never seen Seerat with such sight.

She says she will tell the truth to everyone and says Garry himself is wrong and that’s why accusing Angad of making him bad in front of everyone. Akaal asks what Garry has done.

Sahiba says I told you that I was not in the video, and I haven’t filed a complaint against you, but nobody believed me. She says she had sworn to prove her innocence and tells that whatever happened with you, is done by this disgusted man. Garry says you are accusing me. Jasleen says she is lying. Sahiba says I have proof against Garry and plays the recording.

Everyone hears Garry and Sara’s conversation. Akaal shouts Garry. Garry says this recording is fake. Angad says this recording is real and says that when Sahiba was catching Garry red-handed, I was there. Inder pal asks why did you support her, knowing she is guilty. Angad says Sahiba was right and we all were wrong, that’s why I didn’t sign the divorce papers.

An FB is shown, and Sahiba asks why didn’t sign on divorce papers and gives me a chance to prove my innocence. Angad tells her his heart believes that she can’t do wrong and tells her that he can’t support her in front of the family as the guilty person might be one among them.

He tells Manveer, when you saw Sahiba coming out with me, she had fainted. She says the girl Sara had come to the parking area. An FB is shown, Sahiba tells Angad that she saw Garry with a girl in the parking, and when she reached nearby someone hit her head with a heavy head.

She says I saw her running and that she felt that Garry had trapped Daar Ji. Angad gets angry. Sahiba asks him not to tell anyone now, but they have to catch Garry red-handed. Fb ends. He says that he was there when Garry confessed. Akaal Singh gets angry.

Jasleen asks Garry how can you do this with Dad. Angad asks Inder Pal for the divorce papers. Inder pal asks someone to bring the papers. Angad takes the papers and tears it in front of everyone. Inderpal is upset. Sahiba gets teary eyes. Angad says that he had not signed on it before and not even now. He says it is our family’s custom that they don’t get divorced.

He says he will not break the ties with Sahiba. He holds her hand and tells her that they all are guilty of her for not believing her. Sahiba thanked him for standing with her when nobody believed her. Bebe goes to Sahiba and apologizes to her. Akaal says that Garry is not the lamp of the house, but the spark that can become the reason to destroy their family. Angad’s Chachi apologizes to Sahiba. Sahiba asks her not to apologize. She says it is not anyone’s mistake, he had laid such a trap that anyone can be trapped.

Seerat says that she can’t believe, that he has accused Angad and her character of hiding his sin. Garry asks her not to act as Sati Savitri. He says that he has no guilt for whatever he has done, and says he did all this because he hates Angad. Inder pal says it is enough, don’t take his name from your mouth, you have no relation with us, Angad is not your brother now. Garry says I never regarded him as my brother.

Angad says that he regarded him as his brother always. Garry says he has hated him since childhood and is tired of hearing praises for Angad. Akaal says I will end your tiredness, you will not be seen near our house and says you will not have any relation with us.

Garry says that he will leave and is not a child to obey him. He says he will break his relationship with them. He says I am going for forever and the reason is my wife, who is betrayed and disloyal. Seerat gets teary-eyed. Sahiba looks on.

The End!

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