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StarLife: Anupamaa Update – Monday 12 Feb. 2024

By wickedtom Feb 12, 2024

Anupama is shocked to see Adhik slapping Pakhi. Romil grins and pats himself for sending Anupama on time there. Anupama looks at Adhik angrily and takes Pakhi from there holding her hand. Romil thinks Anupama reacts to his misbehavior, let’s see what action will she take on her son-in-law. Adhim panics and thinks he can’t lie now after Anupama sees it, he is finished.

Anupama takes Pakhi to her room and hugs her tightly. Pakhi says there is nothing like she is thinking. Anupama asks why she is covering up her husband’s mistake, and does she wants to be like Anupama who suffered for 25 years.

Pakhi says Adhik is not like that and pleads not to inform anyone about it. Anupama says she will and over the phone asks Vanraj to come there with Leela and Hasmukh immediately. Anuj hears her and asks if everything is fine. Anupama says she wants to tell him something.

Vanraj informs his parents that something has happened with Pakhi for sure or else Anupama wouldn’t call them for her family issues. Barkha scolds Adhik for raising his hands on Pakhi and says even if Pakhi keeps silent, Anupama will not and will punish him for sure, Anuj will throw him on the streets, and Vanraj becomes a mad elephant when it’s a question of his children.

Adhik says he got out of control. Samar returns to his room. Dimpy throws things angrily on the floor and shouts why he has breakfast with his family when she spends 1 hour in the kitchen preparing breakfast for themselves, Anupama breaks all ties with them, and Kinjal gives her a nice ear, all because of him. Samar walks away from there.

Shahs reach KM. Vanraj angrily asks Adhik how dare he is to raise his hands on his daughter. Barkha protects Adhik and says it’s common between husband and wife. Anupama confronts her. Barkha says Anupama slaps everyone and is acting like a hypocrite. Anupama says slapping children to reform them and domestic violence are different.

She warns Barkha that she hasn’t slapped her yet as she is older than her or else her cheap acts deserve multiple slaps. Anuj tongue lashes Barkha next. Leela says Adhik must have physically harassed Pakhi the other day, but she misunderstood as Pakhi was misbehaving with Adhik. Barkha says if Pakhi slaps Adhik, it’s fine and Adhik shouldn’t react. Leela warns her not to twist the words, she said Pakhi raised her hand but didn’t slap Adhik.

Anupama holds Pakhi’s hand and asks her if she slapped Adhik. Pakhi said no, and Adhik slapped her instead. She writhes in pain. Anupama and Vanraj force her to show her hand. They are all shocked to see her hands turned blue with Adhik’s fingerprints. Vanraj angrily heads toward Adhik and shouts how dare he is to hit his daughter.

Barkha pleads to stop. Vanraj punches a sofa instead and says he wants to break his face. Anuj asks him not to spoil his hand by touching a heinous person. Vanraj calls the police. Pakhi stops him and says she doesn’t want to file any complaint against her husband. Anupama tries to explain to her that doesn’t have to bear domestic violence and that Adhik should be punished. Pakhi asks why is she interfering between husband and wife. Drama continues…

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