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StarLife: Destined By Fate Update – Sunday 11 February 2024

By wickedtom Feb 9, 2024

Destined By Fate Sunday Update – 11 February 2024: Chaman Bahar dances around Kanha and he records her dance. She imagines him also dancing with her and hopes her dream comes true.

Nakul buys a liquor bottle Chaman ordered and thinks a girl whom he met the other day stays here, he should meet her and thank her for boosting his morale. He describes her looks to a man nearby and asks her address. The man shows her house and calls someone.

Saroj panics seeing eggshells in her kitchen. Chaman asks why she is shouting. Saroj cries that she prepares god’s bhog in her kitchen and can’t tolerate nonveg there. Chaman warns her to stop shouting or else she will hit her.

Saroj says she is not afraid of her and would rather die than see nonveg in her house. Chaman heats a prong and says she will burn her lips with it and break his head. Sayuri rushes to Saroj’s rescue and requests Chaman to spare Saroj as she is of her mother’s age.

Chaman says she is sparing Saroj this time and will not next time. Saroj says she will not tolerate nonveg in her house. Sayuri assures that Nonveg will not enter her house and that whatever she wants will happen, she asks to purify her kitchen with gangajal. Saroj does the same and hopes Sayuri handles the situation as she promises. Sayuri hopes Nakul returns soon.

Nakul doesn’t find the girl’s house and thinks of returning home when goons surround him. One of them says he is the boss of that girl and asks what he needs from her. Nakul says he is her client and has prebooked her. Boss demands money.

The girl walks to them. Boss asks if she knows him. The girl says yes, he is the one who gave her a big tip that day. Boss demands 1 lakh rs. Nakul says he will pay after service. Boss demands it to pay him first.

Tingu notices Kanha checking accounts and asks what is he doing. Kanha says he is checking if the business is making a profit or loss. Tingu says he can fool Chaman, but not him. Chaman walks down shouting to get liquor and snacks for her.

Sayuri asks what she would like to have. Kanha says to let her have drinks first and then food. Chaman asks what will she do till then. He says she can dance and he will record her video. She agrees and goes to get ready. Sayuri and Kanha hope Nakul returns soon.

The End!

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