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StarLife: Divya Drishti Update – Friday 9 February 2024

By wickedtom Feb 9, 2024

Divya Drishti Friday Update – 9 February 2024: Pisachini throws simran inside the mirror too. Kanch rani hugs Rakshit. She says you came. He says what you wanted would come too. She says I would never ask for it but you know the situation.

Rakshit says let me get the ratan. Drishti says please don’t go. Please don’t get the ratan. Divya says Rakshit I got the kaal vijay. Rakshit sees Pisachini. He says she would try to get it at any cost.

The door is opening. Drishti asks everyone to go back. Snow falls on them. Rakshit shoves Pisachini. She holds Divya’s hand. Pisachini says give me the ratan. Rakshit and Pisachini fight duvya. Rakhit’s attack hits Divya. She faints. Rakshit says I am sorry. Pisachini ties Rakshit. Divya says leave him. Pisachini hits Divya’s head on the wall. Kanch rani turns into Rakshit. Divya is fainted. Pisachini says she is alone now. Everyone is fake now.

Rakshit comes inside mirror. Mahima says how could you bring kaal vijay. rakshit says I never brought it. Divya is fainted too. Rakshit touches her. She gets up. rakshit hugs her and says I never gave her the kaal vijay. I saw the scar wasn’t on her. I attacked Divya as the part of the same drama. I couldn’t tell Divya. Take this kaal vijay. Only one person can get out with it. You go. Divya needs you. I would handle everything here. Drishti goes out.

Drishti comes out.

Divya opens eyes. Kanch rani says thank God you’re fine. Where is ratan? She says it was in my hands. Did pisachin take it? I don’t know I fainted. I am sorry. drishti says don’t worry. We will find it. Divya says What if Pisachini took it. Pisachini says that means Rakshit took it.

Real Dristhi comes and says Pisachini can never have the ratan. Divya says this is Pisacini’s maya jaal. Kanch rani says I am your drishti. Drishit says I am your sister. She is kanch rani. Drishti says they are all made of kanch. Everyone says she is our real dirshti.

Divya says they’re all made of kanch. Rakshit you are my drishti. Dirshti says no they are all fake. she asked you for kaal vijay. Would I ever ask for you? Everyone says she is here to take the ratan. Drishti says they aren’t our family. They are all made of kanch. Fake shekhar says go kill her. Kanch rani says ask her where was she still now.

Divya asks Kanch rani to touch her hand. she says when we touch hands the star shines. They hold hands and the star shines. Drishti is dazed. Pisachini made it shine with her powers. Everyone says kill her. Divya says stop. Drishit says they aren’t our family. Kanch rani says where is ratna? Drishti picks knife and says don’t come near me. She stands Shekhar.

He shatters. Drishti says I told you. He was made of glass. Real shekhar comes out. Drishit says I will kill all of them. She stabs fake mahima. Real mahima comes out. Drishit says that means the dream I saw of killing everyone was killing these people.

Divya says stab him. Drishti tries stabbing the fake rakshit. Kanch rani fights Divya. Fake Rakshit runs. Drishti goes after him. Divya handles Pisachini.

The door is about to open.

Mahima says please save Shekhar. Pisachini says your son is gone. The door is about to open The door opens. Fire comes out. Rakshit does pooja. Drishti throws the ratan to fake rakshit. Real rakshit comes out. Pisacini takes the ratan. Drishti hugs rakshit and says thank God you’re fine.

Rakshit says what did you do. Pisachini says kaal vijay ratan is in front of me. divya says she can’t have it. they all fight Divya but their powers aren’t working. Pisachin hits them all. She rages a storm. Pisachini throws them all in the pool.

They are roped. Pisachini says I have kaal vijay now. you have lost all your powers. I will unite my ratans and your powers would be gone forever. You all are going to die. A cyclone forms in pool. She says it would come near you and you would all die. Have fun.

Scene 2:

Pisachini comes to her cave. She dances. She unites the three ratan.

Romi and chetan are outside. Chetan says a storm is raginig. Romi says it is something else. Let’s go home. his band lightens. Romi says we should run home.

They all try to get out of the pool. Divya says it was all my mistake. Simran screams. Rakshit says stay together everyone.

Pisachini tries to unite her ratans. Pisachini says they have to unite. If can’t do it, he would. she sits down. Pisachini says kaal devta come to me and show me how to unite them.. Come to me. You have to help me Kaal devta.

Romi and Chetan come home. Romi says we have to save them. He ends he cyclone. He tries bringing them out. Chetan pulls them with a rope. Everyone gets out of water. Chetan says how did this happen. Mahima says she has kaal vijayy. Chetan says if she has it then how is romi’s power working?

The End!

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