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StarLife: Imlie Update – Monday 12 February 2024

By wickedtom Feb 10, 2024

Imlie Monday Update – 12 February 2024: Imlie walks out of the house and slips. Atharva disguised as a rich businessman from Dubai enters and holds her. Imlie recalls sending Atharva out of the house and then going out in search of him.

Atharva meets her and asks why did she do that. Imlie says she can’t see the family wandering on the streets homeless and wanted to divert Anu’s attention from them, hence she sent him out as per plan. He asks what is her plan.

She says she is Imlie’s daughter Imlie and will follow her mother’s clever plans to defeat Anu. He says he will be her student then. Imlie explains her plan. The family rushes to Imlie and asks if she is fine. Anu says if Imlie is in one piece, then she is fine.

She asks Atharva who is he. Atharva says he is Dubai’s famous businessman Sheikh Mohammed Hamza Adil Feroze. Anu asks for such a long name. Atharva says those are his ancestors’ names, he is known as Ken. He says he wants to buy their house and walks into the house.

He boasts about his vast business empire and says he wants to buy this house and the surrounding houses and build a big resort here. He tells Devika that her house is very beautiful. Anu says she is the owner of this house now.

Neighbors walk in and say Mr Ken is buying even their houses, it’s good Anu is the owner now or else Rudra wouldn’t sell his house. They signal at Imlie, revealing they are part of her plan, and walk away. Anu requests Mr Ken to be her guest until the formalities are over.

Ken asks who are the people around her. Anu says they are servants. Ken says he will lick them out of the house once he buys this house. Anu warns Rana’s family to serve the sheik well and make sure he buys the house.

Anu serves a buffet of snacks and sweets to Atharva. Devika drops juice on Ken’s shoes by mistake. Anu yells at her and orders her to clean Ken’s shoes. Rudra says he will. Atharva stops him and says he has many more shoes. Rudra says guests are considered gods in their culture and he is happy to serve his guests.

Atharva thinks his father is his god. Drama continues. Keya gets suspicious of Ken and asks to give his business website address. Ken gets tensed. Keya tells Anu that he is fake. Atharva looks at Imlie. Imlie signals him to calm down. His assistant gives him his business car.

Keya fails to open the website and says she told them he is fake. Website opens. Ken says the resort he is standing in the pic belongs to him. He recalls Imlie planning a fake website as part of the plan. Keya says she wants to book rooms for her friends in his resort and calls reception. Imlie speaks as the receptionist. Keya disconnects the call.

Ken looks at Kairi and calls her monkey. The family stands confused. Kairi asks why he called her monkey like her monkey paa. Ken says all kids are monkeys, he also calls his children monkeys.

Family thinks he reminds them of Atharva. Anu asks Ken to give his ID card to finish legal formalities. Ken gets angry and says earlier her servant got suspicious of him and now she is, it’s better he buys some other bungalow. Anu stops him and says her lawyer needs it, but it’s okay. The drama continues…

The End!

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