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StarLife: My Desire Update – Monday 12 February 2024

By wickedtom Feb 10, 2024
My Desire

My Desire Monday Update: Samrat gets happy when Kashvi returns to life. He happily congratulates Arjun, Nayan, and others. Nitya thanks god that Kashvi is alive and Samrat will spare her.

Samrat angrily looks at Nitya and thinks she has planned to kill her. He takes her aside and confronts her that she tried to drop a chandelier on him and kill him, but Kashvi saves him and takes the chandelier on herself.

He says he has proof against her and will expose her. Nitya anxiously says she didn’t do anything wrong and he doesn’t have any proof. Samrat says Daljeet’s Aunty gave him proof against her before dying, thinks he is frightening her to make herself confess to her crimes, and doesn’t have any strong proof against her.

He says he has banquet hall footage where she is poisoning Daljeet’s juice and also knows a waiter who helped her serve that juice to Daljeet and loosen the chandelier rope; he will submit all the evidence to the police commissioner tomorrow and will make sure she pays for her sins. Nitya fumes that she had spared him till now as Nayan got happiness just a few days ago; she has to kill him now to save herself.

Kashvi’s health improves. Arjun expresses his love for her and describes how important she is for him. Kashvi asks about Sam and says she feels connected to him. Arjun says that is because Sam is her biological father and she is Sam and Nayan’s daughter. Kashvi asks how he knows.

He says Nayan herself informed him and apologizes to her for giving this news in this situation. Kashvi says she feels happy to know that Sam is her father as she always felt connected to him and called him Papa instead of Sir when a chandelier was falling towards him.

She insists on meeting Samrat right now. Arjun agrees and says he will listen to her as she listens to him. She asks what she listens to. He says she returned to life and helps her get out of bed.

Nayan gets the doctor’s call and informs Sam that Kashvi is fine now. She says she will go and meet Kashvi now. Samrat says he will change his property will and make Kashvi his power of attorney, he had given POA to a charitable trust as he didn’t have any heir. Nayan says let us go to Kashvi together.

Sam says he will visit the commissioner’s office and then the lawyer’s office to change his will and then will meet Kashvi. Nayana asks why he wants to meet the police commissioner. Sam says soon she and everyone will find out.

He emotionally asks if Kashvi will accept him if she learns that he is her biological father. Nayan hugs him and says Kashvi surely will. She asks him to drop her at the hospital on the way to the commissioner’s office. He agrees and walks near his car. Kashvi with Arjun reaches there and calls Sam and asks Papa. Sam gets emotional hearing that. Nayan says it looks like Arjun revealed the truth to Kashvi.

Ishwar Allah Jitne Bhi Rab Hain.. song plays in the background. Sam extends his hands. Kashvi walks towards him. Sam’s car blasts. Kashvi is shocked to see that and collapses. Arjun rushes her to the hospital.

She regains consciousness after some time recalling the bomb blast and says she wants to meet her parents. Arjun says they both are dead in that bomb blast.

Kashvi breaks down more and says her papa doesn’t want her to know that he is her father. Arjun says Sam loved her immensely and wanted to inform her about it soon. Kashvi says her father was in front of her eyes, but she couldn’t call him Papa and hug him once.

The End!

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