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StarLife: The Evil Eye Update – Monday 12 February 2024

By wickedtom Feb 10, 2024
The Evil Eye

The Evil Eye Monday Update: Vedsheree says to Vishal (Piya’s father) that I feel there is something wrong with Piya.

Saanvi sees a shadow near the secret room and goes to open it. Ansh says to Vishal that Piya is behaving weirdly, she does not care about her mother’s earring, and she does not remember things, when you called her doll, she did not respond, and then when I touched her, my eyes didn’t blaze like it usually happens.

Saanvi comes to the secret room and looks around, she doesn’t find anyone and leaves. Mohana comes there and smirks, she has hidden Divya in chudail’s casket and says Vishal will never find you here.

Vishal says to the family that if this is happening then Piya is not real, she is not Devik, Vedsheree asks how this can happen. Vishal says some evil powers can change avatars… Ansh says chudail, she took Piya’s avatar in front of me. Chitali says it means Piya is chudail? what is happening here? Vedsheree says we don’t have proof. Ansh says I can bring it. Vishal says that chudail is dangerous, don’t do anything in haste, there is a way to find the truth.

Vedsheree asks the family to not forget their lines. Fake Piya comes there. Vedsheree brings Imli and asks Chitali to make chutney. Dilruba smirks seeing Imli, Neha asks if she can eat Imli? Vedsheree says no. Piya tries to take Imli but controls herself. Neha eats imili and leaves. Vedsheree asks Piya to have Imli. Piya leaves there hastily.

Vedsheree says we should leave now, she acts like going for pooja, Chitali goes to bring flowers, and Neha leaves too. Dilruba comes there as Piya and goes to Imli. All family members hide and see. Fake Piya smells Imli and takes her real avatar. All are shocked to see real chudail. Dilruba starts eating imli. Vedsheree says she is a chudail. Ansh recalls how fake Piya said she killed chudail, he thinks Piya is still in that house? he leaves from there.

Ansh comes to the balcony and recalls how Piya pushed him out of the house. Ansh thinks I left Piya there? Does he think that how could I leave her there? I didn’t even try to find her, I made a mistake and had to bring her back.

Vedsheree says if this is chudail then where is Piya? They all come to Ansh. Ansh says I have to find Piya, Vedsheree says I can’t let you go without preparation, we can talk to Vishal. Ansh says I have to go, if you people try to stop me then I will take another route.

Vedsheree tries to stop him but Ansh runs and jumps from the balcony. Vedsheree and Shekhar cry. Ansh is falling down but suddenly he is pulled by Vishal using his powers. Ansh asks him to leave him, I have to find Piya. Vishal asks him to be calm, Piya can be in trouble because of you, we have to handle the situation here first, listen to me.

Naman comes to the house and says I have to do the work. He sees Guru Maa but she can’t see him as he is blind. He opens a room but hides from Guru Maa. She feels the door open and closes it, she says Naman doesn’t know that there are weapons in this room that can bring destruction.

Dilruba starts eating imli. Mohana comes there and says this chudail won’t change. She comes and says this family fooled you to know your truth, she shows her that there was no chutney made. Dilruba says family knows I am not Piya? Mohana says they will try to capture me, but Dilruba says I am very powerful, they can’t capture me. Mohana says they have Nishat whose wife captured you and they have Ansh too now. Dilruba says they can’t touch me, Mohana says nothing should happen to my kids.

Nishat says to the family that we can’t fight with chudail like this, there is one way but it’s dangerous. Ansh asks him. Nishat tells him the plan and gives him a box.

Ansh comes to Dilruba who has taken Piya’s avatar. Ansh says I have recognized you. Dilruba says then let’s remove the veil, she takes her avatar and says we can move ahead now. She says your family is not coming. you are alone? she laughs and says you can’t kill or defeat me. Ansh says I can win you, I am here to get victory. He opens a box which has a diamond ring.

Flashback shows Nishat saying to Ansh that we can make Dilruba distracted and then her circle around Piya will loosen and then we can free her.

Flashback ends. Ansh shows the ring to Dilruba sits on his knees and asks if she can marry him? she is surprised. Ansh says I am Davansh, we are made for each other, will you marry me? She says yes. Ansh puts a ring on her finger. Dilruba says I will show Mohana that you love me. Ansh says no, don’t tell about it to anyone, they will not understand our love and will try to separate us. Dilruba says you are right, they will get angry.

Piya wakes up and sees chudail circle gone. She says I am free. She tries to run but suddenly gets hit by an invisible wall.

Dilruba is dancing with her ring. Mohana comes there so she hides it. Mohana says family didn’t come to you? Dilruba says no they didn’t see me, Mohana thinks that she is either hiding something or her family is fooling her, so she leaves. Dilruba is looking at her but it falls. She sees Mohana eyeing her. Mohana grabs it.

Scene 2:

Nishat says Dilruba didn’t dance. Ansh says no, she was happy and agreed to not tell Mohana but chudail is against witch so we can tell Mohana and take her help. Nishat says I am telling you to not tell Mohana for a reason, just do what I am saying. Ansh says Mohana can help us. Nishat says she will not, it’s about my daughter so you will do as I say.

Mohana asks Dilruba who gave her this ring. Dilruba says give me a ring back. Mohana says I am not scared of you. Dilruba says I can fight you too. They both attack each other. Mohana throws her from the balcony, and they both glare at each other.

Ansh asks Nishat why we can’t get help from Mohana. Avi says listen to him. Nishat says I have a reason. Ansh says I have to find Piya, he has to tell me why we can’t tell this to Mohana? we don’t know where Piya is, I don’t want to lose her. Nishat says you think I don’t care about my daughter? She is very close to my heart, trust a father, don’t tell Mohana, she can take advantage of it, she is your mother but a danger to Piya.

Ruby recalls Mohana’s deeds and says she took my powers and killed my father, I won’t spare her. Naman comes there and says we can join hands and fight. Ruby asks him to get lost. Naman says you don’t have powers left as Mohana took your braid and she took my age so we have to take revenge. He shows her the key to a room and says this room has a person who captured witches, if you find this room then we can make her capture Mohana, if you do it then we will get what we want.

The End!

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