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Zee World: Destined By Faith Update – Sunday 11 February 2024

By wickedtom Feb 11, 2024
Destined By Faith

Sayuri calls Nakul and eagerly waits for him to bring groceries. She thinks once he returns, she should prepare food and serve Rashmi. Nakul returns with groceries. Sayuri asks why he is so late. He says he had to go to a faraway supermarket. Sayuri says even then.

Nakul gets Rashmi’s call. He leaves from there. Sayuri thinks if she made a mistake by letting Rashmi stay in their house, Nakul is getting upset because of it. Rashmi gets irritated when Nakul doesn’t pick up her call and thinks until Nakul accepts her, the family will not accept her and she can’t enter Chaudhry’s house. Bhanu tells Indu that they made a mistake by letting Rashmi stay at their house. Indu hopes Rashmi doesn’t do anything wrong again.

Sayuri starts preparing food. Tingu walks in and warns her not to trick Chaman as he is watching her carefully, she can fool Chaman but not him, etc. Chaman gets ready and insists Kanha record her dancing video and upload it to his vlog.

Kanha records her video hesitantly thinking she doesn’t know when will he get rid of her. After finishing her dance, Chaman says her video will set a fire on the internet. She feels hungry and says let us see what Sayuri has prepared. Kanha says he will check first and walks in.

Sayuri sets up a table outside and serves food to Chaman and Tingu. Chaman tastes the food and says it’s awesome, Sayuri can be her chef from hereon. Kanha and Sayuri inform the family how Sayuri fooled Chaman with vegan meat and served it outside with alcohol to preserve the house’s purity.

Saroj thanks Sayuri. Sayuri says she is right that they can’t serve nonveg in a house where they prepare Krishnaji’s pasad. Nakul recalls having alcohol at home and apologizes to Saroj in mind.

Nakul feels concerned for the girl and thinks about how to arrange for 1 lakh to meet her boss and meet her for some time. The girl thinks he shouldn’t get into trouble because of her.

Nakul silently gets into SChaman’s room, takes locker keys, and steals money from the locker. Sayuri and Kanha notice that and confront him. Nakul shows them money and says he has gone there to make money.

Destined By Faith

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