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Zee World: My Desire Update – Sunday 11TH February 2024

By wickedtom Feb 11, 2024
My Desire

My Desire Sunday Update: Shehnaz’s mother Daljeet warns Nitya that she has evidence against Nitya which Shehnaz had left and there is someone who is supporting her. Nitya says she has gone mad and only a mentally unstable person will support another mentally unstable person.

Daljeet says Samrat is not mentally insane, he is a kind man who offered support and encouraged her to fight for justice. Nitya says Samrat is her samadhi and will not go against her, she hasn’t done anything wrong, Daljeet has created fake evidence against her and will go to jail for that. She walks out of the washroom and thinks everyone is behind her after Shehnaz’s dead body is found, why is Samrat against her?

Party continues. Samrat and Nayan finish their performance, and Samrat says another newly wedded couple will dance now. He calls Arjun and Kashvi on stage. Nayan asks why he is making them feel uncomfortable.

Samra says Kashvi loves Arjun and he wants Arjun to love Kashvi back and know how good she is. Nayan says he is becoming a cupid between his daughter and SIL. Arjun and Kashvi perform on stage. The serial’s title track plays in the background.

Daljeet thinks she shouldn’t have informed her plan to Daljeet and asks a waiter to inform Samrat that she is waiting for him in room #402 and wants to talk something important to him. Nitya stops the waiter and tells him that she will give Aunty’s message to Samrat and asks him to give a juice glass to Aunty saying Samrat gave it.

The waiter refuses to lie. She bribes him. He knocks room 402 and lies to Daljeet that he relayed her message to Samrat who asked her to finish juice till he comes. Daljeet finishes juice.

Kashvi stops dancing and informs Arjun that she can’t dance as her back lace is broken. He holds her from behind and asks her to continue dancing. Nayan tells Samrat that his trick worked. Kashvi and Arjun walk off stage.

Nayan asks where are they going. Samrat says she is a most romantic man’s wife and can’t understand it; Arjun must have felt romantic while dancing and took Kashvi aside to kiss her. Arjun takes Kashvi to a room and walks towards her.

Kashvi gets nervous thinking he is getting romantic. He holds her and asks her not to worry as he will not attack her dignity. She smiles. He says she is safe with him. He asks her to wait in the room while he brings a new dress for her. She says a few safety pins would do. He goes to bring safety pins.

Samrat knocks on Daljeet’s room door and when she doesn’t open it, opens it with a spare key, and is shocked to find her dead. He realizes Nitya must have killed Daljeet.

He calls the hotel manager and insists he call the police immediately as his client is dead. The manager hesitates citing the hotel’s reputation. Samrat threatens him and asks for the whole floor’s CCTV footage. Manager agrees.

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