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ZeeWorld: Imlie Update – Sunday 11 February 2024

By wickedtom Feb 11, 2024
Imlie Update

Imlie Sunday Update: Devika tells the family that Mr. Ken reminds him of Atharva. Divya says she is comparing Atharva with a man who wants to break their house. Devika says Ken is doing his job, he is sanskari and ordered not to break their home temple.

Rudra says if she is missing Atharva, she should call him. Shivani says Anu took their phones away. Manish says they can use a landline and bring a landline. Imlie serve tea to Ken when Ken’s phone rings. Imlie drops tea on the phone to stop it from ringing.

Anu yells at Imlie and accuses her of trying to cancel the deal with Ken. Imlie apologizes. Anu asks Akash and Keya to clean Ken’s hands. They do the same. Ken asks if they are also Anu’s staff. Akash says they were the owners of this house.

Keya says they are staff itself. Ken asks why don’t they work like others. Keya says Anu has given them lenience as they are supporting her against their family and she promised to give them a huge commission if the house is sold, so he should buy the house soon for a huge sum.

Anu asks Mr Ken to give 20 rs for the house. Ken says he can give only 12 crores. Anu says she is super rich. Ken says one becomes rich by saving money, she can take 12 crores, or else he will go from there.

Anu agrees thinking she can’t bear Ranas for long. Ken asks her to sign a deal then and gives her documents. Anu says she forgot to say that her pandit informed her not to sign any deal in the evening, so she will sign it in the morning. Ken says he will wait till the morning then.

Atharva walks to Imlie’s room and offers her jalebis. Imlie asks how he know that she was craving jalebis. Atharva says he saw her baby kicking and knew he needed jalebis. He feeds her jalebis with her hands. Keya notices that and informs Anu that Mr. Ken is feeding Jalebis to Imlie.

Anu walks to Imlie’s room and notices Atharva there. She shouts what is he doing here if he thinks it’s his father’s house. He says a line on a paper can’t restrict him from meeting his wife. Anu scolds Keya for confusing Atarva with Atharva. Keya says she surely saw Ken.

They walk to Ken’s room and find him sleeping. Anu scolds Keya to get her eyes checked. Atharva recalls Imlie seeing Keya and asking Atharva to keep Ken’s dummy in his bed.

Atharva meets family. Anu asks Atharva to get out and calls her goons. Goons hostage Atharva. Anu orders them not to leave Atharva until she signs a deal with Ken tomorrow morning. Imlie gets tensed thinking how will she manage to get Atharva out to sign the deal now.

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