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StarLife: Lost in Love Update- Tuesday 13 Feb. 2024

By wickedtom Feb 12, 2024
Lost In Love

Savi serves prasad to the devotees. They praise her arrangement. Mandar’s goon asks Ayush and his friend about Ramtek’s Isha madam. Savi hears that and says she is from Ramtek, she can talk to him. Goon recalls Mandar’s order to not spare anyone who tries to protect Isha, especially Savi. He walks away without speaking anything.

Isha meets Nishikanth and asks why he is ignoring her multiple calls. Nishi says there must be a network issue. Isha asks him to fix a meeting with him, Yashwant, and Ishan in the afternoon. Nishi says it’s impossible today as Yashwant is busy with some important work today. Isha says even her work is important and asks him to inform her of the timings. Nishi asks the reason for the meeting. Isha walks away without replying to anything.

After some time, Isha meets Yashwant and Nishi and asks them to call Ishan. Yashwant says Ishan is busy and they will answer her questions. Isha says no doubt their college’s education system, teacher’s way of teaching, and student’s understanding level are high, but she can’t understand the irregularities in appointing temporary staff as permanent staff.

Nishi says he takes care of all this and made a mistake. Isha says she is not telling this without proof and says Shukla who has been working for them for 10 years isn’t permanent and they know that they have to pay minimum salary and other facilities if made permanent. Yashwant says as said, it’s Nishi’s small mistake and he will make all the staff permanent. Isha says she has a long list of their mistakes, they committed fraud with management quota and grabbed huge money, so she will submit her report of the irregularities tonight.

Yashwant says she knows how he built the Bhosale Institute with his hard work and the student’s life will be spoilt if the institute is closed, she was part of this institute and is still part of the Bhosale family, so she shouldn’t submit the report. Isha says he knows her, she will never compromise with her principles even if she loses her life.

Savi announces devotees to submit their offerings to god as their gifts and not donations as god doesn’t need their money and instead they need god’s blessings, the collected money will go to Shukla’s mother’s treatment as a small token of appreciation from them. Shukla gets emotional and says he is indebted to her for life. Savi says he shouldn’t thank his younger sister and changes Ganapati Bappa Morya. Everyone chant with her.

Yashwant tries to emotionally blackmail Isha and says she should think about Ishan who dedicated his life to this college. Isha says it’s good to hear his concern for her son. Yashwant never followed her mother’s duty and never returned to see Ishan once. I

sha says Yashwant didn’t let her meet her son and says whatever he says, Ishan is, was, and will be her son and one day he will realize that his mother wasn’t wrong. She walks away saying she will submit her report at any cost tonight. Ishan in his cabin fumes thinking about why Ishan forcefully wants to enter his life.

Prateek walks in and asks if that lady is his mother. Ishan shouts she is not his mother, picks papers from his desk, walks to Isha, and asks to sign them. Isha is shocked to see the divorce papers.

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