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StarLife: Strings of Love Update- Tuesday 13 Feb. 2024

By wickedtom Feb 12, 2024
Strings of Love

Angad agrees to help Seerat with net banking. Seerat grins at Sahiba and apologizes for delaying their outing. Sahiba tells Angad that she had promised Simran to reach by 5 p.m. Angad asks her to take the car and driver, he will join her later. Sahiba agrees. Seerat sits beside Angad and touches him instead of learning net banking.

Sahiba notices that. Sahiba then reaches Simran’s orphanage and sees her dancing with kids. Simran insists on dancing with her. They both dance to Dance Pe Chance Marle.. song. Angad joins Sahiba and dances with her. Sahiba gets happy. Simran says they both look like a fair prince and princess. She dances with them, steps on a ladder, and falls.

Sahiba gets concerned but relaxes seeing Angad holding Simran. Simran says Sahiba didi got afraid. Angad says she is. Simran asks if he is Sahiba Didi’s boyfriend. Angad says better than that, he is Sahiba’s husband. Simran asks if he is also her friend like Sahiba Didi. Angad says yes and befriends her.

They both meet the orphanage warden who informs them that Simran’s mother was a single parent and unfortunately, she passed away 2 years ago; Simran has been living with her mother’s friend since then and when her mother’s friend got married, she left Simran in orphanage.

Simran walks in ready and asks if she looks like a princess. Sahiba says no, she looks like a queen. She asks the warden if they can take Simran out for some time. Warden says by all means and asks Simran to enjoy the outing well and to keep her mouth shut, says she speaks a lot. Angad says no more than Sahiba as nobody can beat Sahiba in chitchat.

Manveer notices Inder’s phone ringing. The phone falls and the speaker gets on. Man speaks. Inder picks phone and walks out. Manveer gets suspicious recalling Inder getting a call from the same person and spies on him. Inder gets happy that the person he is searching for is in Ludiana and not in Patiala. He orders us to find the person as soon as possible and not make any mistake this time.

Sahiba takes Angad and Simran to a pani puri stall. Angad asks if she wants to have pani puri here. Sahiba if he wants to go to a five-star hotel then. Simran says they shall compete. They start the competition. Sahiba asks Angad to stop if he wants to.

Angad continues with Simran. Sahiba stops. Angad taunts her. Panipuri vendor says they already had 24 golgappe and whoever eats the last one first will win. Angad purposefully loses to make Simran happy. Simran says she needs an ice cream after spicy pani puri. Angad says even he needs ice cream.

They go to an ice cream shop where Simran brings different flavors of ice cream and asks Sahiba to tell Angad’s favorite flavor. Sahiba says chocolate. Angad says vanilla. Simran asks Angad what is Sahiba’s favorite flavor.

Angad says strawberry. Sahiba is wrong, she likes chocolate. Simran says the Prince and Princess don’t know each other at all. She then talks about her happier days in Patiala where she used to attend school and enjoy with her friends.

Sahiba says she must be in the 5th standard now. Simran says she is in 3rd std in an orphanage. Sahiba asks for a reason. Simran stops recalling the warden’s warning.

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