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ZeeWorld: Meet in Love Update- Tuesday 13 Feb. 2024

By wickedtom Feb 12, 2024
Meet in Love

Meet and Meet Ahlawat looking for the baby and Kamal in the jungle. Meet says this jungle is big it will be dangerous for the baby if we take time to find them. Meet see a light that says look there.

Kamal busy with ritual. Pooja says to Kamal what if Meet Ahlawat or someone come during ritual. Kamal says don’t worry about that. Meet and Meet Ahlawat outside the house. Kamal begins with the ritual. Meet hear something says to Meet Ahlawat I can hear someone chanting mantras.

Barfi, Neelu and Doctor. Doctor thanks Neelu for coming. Barfi asks Neelu to leave to talk something in private with the doctor. She leaves. Barfi says to the doctor I’m worried that if someone gets to know about her sickness her in-law will break the marriage.

The doctor says you have the best medicine, whenever she feels humiliated or someone accuses her of her mistake her other personality becomes dominating and comes forward. Neelu needs your love and affection she should have faith that you will stand beside her in any condition only then you can save her and for rest I’m available. Barfi says I’ll take care of the situation.

Meet and Meet Ahlawat Open the window and see them performing ritual inside. Meet Ahlawat and Meet shouts Kamal’s name. Meet says put baby down or else I’ll sacrifice you two. Meet Ahlawat says if anything happens to the baby I’ll kill you. Kamal says I need a baby and for that, I’ll sacrifice him, nobody can come in between. Meet and Meet Ahlawat ask him to stop. Meet Ahlawat says I’ll break the door.

Kamal taunts him to come inside but remember one thing if you try to come in you will sacrifice the baby and show them the mechanism attached to the door. Meet Ahlawat says to Meet he is trying to fool us, I’m going to break the door. Meet Ahlawat open door cradle starts tilting. Meet stops him and says he is telling the truth. Meet shouts at Kamal. Kamal says let us do our pooja, leave from here.

Meet and Meet Ahlawat shouts at them to stop their ritual. Kamal continue doing the ritual. Meet and Meet Ahlawat looking for some other way to enter room. Meet says I was taught in my police training how to handle this kind of situation, I can jump from gate to havan kund but before that, you have to do something and tell him her plan.

Meet Ahlawat opens the door and Meet rushes inside and catches the baby. Meet Ahlawat hit Kamal. Kamal throws a fish net to trap them, he starts pouring kerosene on them and says I’ll sacrifice you too with baby, he lights the floor on fire and locks the door from outside.

Kamal watched them outside the window. Pooja says let’s leave. Kamal says after seeing baby is dead I’ll leave. Meet, Meet Ahlawat and the baby trapped inside. Meet says it’s not safe for baby we have to leave soon. Meet see an opening below the staircase. Meet says we can move out of here but we need to break the bars, she starts hitting them and removes the bars.

Meet Ahlawat give baby to Meet and they jump out of the house. Meet Ahlawat about to leave but a wooden column falls on him and he gets trapped. Meet calls him but he doesn’t reply and she gets panicked. She walks towards the main door. Kamal walks to her to take the baby but the police come to arrest them. Meet gives the baby to the Inspector and says I have to save my husband, she wears a quilt and walks inside to save him.

Meet Ahlawat getting suffocated because of smoke and column. Meet and help him to lift things. Meet Ahlawat and ask about the baby, she says baby is out now come with me. People outside throwing water to calm down the fire. Meet sees a column falling she finds Ahlawat outside and the column hits her head, and she falls on the floor. Everyone stops Meet Ahlawat from getting inside the house. Meet lying on floor unconscious. Meet Ahlawat push everyone get inside and bring Meet outside.

Meet Ahlawat and everyone try to wake her up. Meet Ahlawat remembers his good time with Meet, he starts running.

Meet Ahlawat and Meet reach hospital in ambulance. Everyone taking Meet to the operation theatre. Meet Ahlawat and ask the doctor will she is all right. He says I cannot give you false hope, her body is not getting good amount of oxygen because of smoke filled inside her lungs, next 12 hours are critical only after that we can say anything. Meet Ahlawat looking at Meet outside the operation room says you are Ustaad do something to save yourself I can’t lose you, fight back and come to me.

Meet in hospital in serious condition. Meet Ahlawat, Raj and Babita outside her room. They ask the Doctor about Meet’s condition. The doctor says we are trying to save her but she is not responding and feels like she doesn’t have the will to live anymore.

Meet Ahlawat says what do you she is Meet she must be trying to get perfect, you tell me are you trying your best. Raj apologizes to the doctor for Meet Ahlawat’s behavior and asks him to call a specialist. The doctor says I would suggest you all meet her last time I’m not sure how much time she has. Everyone gets disheartened.

Barfi with Doctor. She says after seeing Neelu’s report I can tell she will get well soon and tell her she is going to become a mother I’m sure everyone will be happy after knowing this news and will accept her, I’ll write a few medicines for her. Barfi gets anxious and thinks after knowing this news they will throw Neelu out of their life.

Meet Ahlawat standing outside Meet’s room looking at her, sees Meet’s soul walking out of the room. He gets confused and his sole follow Meet.

Meet Ahlawat call her name and ask where are you going. Meet says to him please free me. Meet Ahlawat says how can I let you go, earlier also you left without telling me, you cannot go like this, try to see one time how much I love you. Meet says to bring a smile to your face and let me go, I can’t come back, our ways are different now.

Meet Ahlawat says we cannot get seprated if you will leave then I’ll finish too, after knowing this you still want to leave you can go but remember one thing I’ll come looking for you, I need you and kiss her on her forehead, he remembers his time with Meet. The nurse shouts patient is losing her breath.

Barfi pushes Neelu says You I have asked you so many times not to go out but you didn’t listen to me now you are pregnant, why don’t you die and start choking her. Barfi gets out of her imagination. Neelu ask her why she is quiet and is something problem.

Barfi thinks I feel like killing her but I have to be quiet and handle the situation with care or else Laila will come forward. Barfi says you are pregnant because of your sin. Neelu was confused and in shock. Barfi says don’t worry I’m here for you, I’ll think of something and asks her to take a rest, she walks out of the room.

Barfi in the corridor says I hid the secret for her sin but how will hide that she is pregnant, he didn’t even touch her, what I’ll do now.

Meet Ahlawat says to Meet get up, you cannot leave me alone, you want to why I married Neelu, I’ll tell you everything but just open your eyes for one time. Doctor, we are losing her. Meet Ahlawat says I understood everything but it was late, I’m not angry anymore please open your eyes, you are the best mother I take my words back, we have to handle a baby and become mom and dad, you told me you are stubborn when it comes to relation so why are you doing this.

The heart monitor stops beeping. Meet Ahlawat crying on her. Meet heart monitor start beeping. The doctor says it’s a miracle and asks the nurse to ready the injection, they start her treatment again.

Meet Ahlawat sitting beside Meet rubbing his hand over her. Babita and Raj walk in. Everyone is happy after seeing her alive. Babita prays to God for saving her. Meet Ahlawat says the Doctor said she is recovering. Babita says the doctor told her how you asked God for your meeting and he listened to you. Raj says doctor told you were an angel for Meet, he thanks him for bringing back Meet.

Meet Ahlawat says don’t join your hands in front of me. Raj says I joined my hand to apologize, I thought you didn’t care about her. Meet Ahlawat says don’t cry, we went with lots of sadness, Meet is also back now no more crying we all will be smiling and you will promise me that. Raj and Babita promise him. Raj open his hands to hug him. Meet Ahlawat gets emotional and hugs him. Everyone is emotional and happy. Raj kiss Meet on her forehead.

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