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Star Life: Strings Of Love Update – Monday 12 Feb. 2024

By wickedtom Feb 12, 2024
Strings Of Love

Angad lifts Sahiba and walks towards his room. Their eyes lock. Chal Meri Jaan.. song plays in the background. Seerat feels disheartened seeing them and cries. Angad then makes Sahiba sit on their bed and blow air into her foot injury. Seerat hits her foot on her bed and cries. Angad feeds water to Sahiba. Seerat notices her water mug empty and angrily breaks it.

Sahiba notices Angad hiding her dupatta behind his pillow and picks it up. Angad feels nervous. He romantically corrects her hair. Seerat knocks on the door and asks Angad if she can get a headache pill. Angad gets tablets for her. Sahiba asks Seerat if she is fine. Seerat gets angry noticing lipstick marks on Angad’s kurta, throws tablets, and walks away saying she doesn’t need their favor.

Sahiba takes medicine to Seerat’s room. Seerat shouts if she comes to tell that her warning was right that Garry is unfit for her and will leave her if she is happy now. Sahiba asks what is she saying, she comes to give her medicine. Seerat shouts to stop acting as worried for her, she would have shown it in front of Brars when Angad supported her.

Sahiba says she cares for her and it doesn’t matter whether Angad promises or not. Seerat shouts to get out of there. Sahiba says they are sisters before Devrani and Jethani and have gone through rough phases together, so she shouldn’t forget that. Seerat asks her to leave as Angad’s promise is enough for her. Sahiba leaves.

Early morning, Angad opens his eyes and notices Sahiba anxiously checking something on his laptop. Sahiba says today is her entrance exam results and she is trying to check them. Angad asks how did she find out his laptop’s password. Sahiba says just like boring dressing sense and life, his password thebrarjewellers is also boring. Angad jokes seeing her nervousness and then informs her that the results came. She checks and happily hugs Angad seeing her name on the list.

The serial’s title track plays in the background. Sahiba gets alert later. Angad says he will give her a treat in a 5-star hotel or wherever she likes. Sahiba asks if they can have chaat as she meets Simran at Chat Street who with her witty nature gives her idea to reach Sara, she is more smart and cute than Angad. Angad says let’s see when they meet Simran.

After some time, Sahiba and Angad join the family for breakfast. They ask Seert how is she now. Seerat stands frowning. Gurleen hugs and congratulates Sahiba. Japjyoth asks for what. Angad informs that Sahiba cleared her college’s entrance test and got admission.

Akaal gets angry hearing that. Japjyoth says it’s good that Sahiba is fulfilling her dreams and joining college, she shouldn’t forget her responsibility as a DIL. She asks Manveer about her opinion. Manveer as usual spills venom towards Sahiba. Jasleen joins her.

Angad supports Sahiba and asks them not to cuss Sahiba as already she suffers a lot these days. He informs that he is taking Sahiba out tonight. Seerat feels jealous hearing that.

Sahiba checks Angad’s dresses and rejects them all. Angad asks what is wrong with them. Sahiba says they are too boring and out of style as she said earlier. Angad asks her to style him then. He gives her a T-shirt and pants.

He removes his shirt in front of her, then feels shy and goes to the changing room. He comes out ready and asks how he is looking now. She says, stylist. They are about to leave when Seerat walks in and asks Angad to help him with net banking.

Angad says it’s easy. Seerat asks if they are going out, and she will come later. Sahiba says yes. Angad says he will help her if it’s important and sits with her. Sahiba says she had promised to reach there by 5 p.m.

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