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StarLife: “Lost In Love” Update – Friday 9 February 2024

By wickedtom Feb 9, 2024

Lost in Love Update: Isha praises Ishan for his excellent teaching style and says she is proud of him. Ishan asks who is she to feel proud of him, and how they are related.

Isha says they are from teaching fraternity and whether children believe it or not, they get their parent’s qualities genetically.

Ishan says he already told her not to relate him to herself. Isha leaves disappointed saying the moment she spent today is enough for her to lead the rest of her life.

Savi seeks her fellow students’ suggestions for the Ganesh festival celebration, but everyone ignores her. Durva’s puppet walks to her and says nobody will help a low-class ignoramus girl and says it’s not her Ramtek college where she will bring a small idol and end the festival with sweet distribution.

She orders Savi to request Ishan that she can’t organize the festival and back off or else she will face humiliation.

Surekha asks Yashwant to go to college and handle Isha. Yashwant says he needs to make a few calls, and Nishikanth will handle Isha. Nishikanth welcomes Ishan to his office.

He orders Shukla to bring tea with cardamom and less sugar as Isha likes and says if she had informed him, he would have welcomed her.

Nisha says it is good to see that he still remembers her choice and says she saw his reaction when she came yesterday. She says he never called her till now after she left Bhosale’s house.

Nishi says he didn’t want to anger his family. Isha says she knows who controls the Bhosale family. She asks him to show her management quota admission file and staff data.

Nishi says he manages it and must have goofed up here or there due to his work pressure. She says he need not worry about it.

Nishi says he will bring files and asks Shukla to shift Isha to a cabin and give her whatever she asks for. Isha leaves.

Yeshwant tells Surekha that Nishi has to just keep Isha busy in talks and divert her attention away from the staff file.

Savi walks to the girl’s hostel and tells her friend she will find a solution to her problem here. She gathers students and tells them that localities humiliate them by calling them ignoramus and useless, they shall prove their worth by organizing Ganesh festival. Students agree.

She says they have to build an all-women group and welcome Bappa with drums and music. Girls agree. They name their band as Gawachi girls. Vinu reads Isha’s article and shows it to Bhavani saying Isha is defaming them and should be taught a lesson.

Bhavani says she doesn’t bother about dead people in her life. Vinu then provokes Samrudh’s father against Isha who plans to attack her via his goons.

Savi visits Isha during lunch break and offers her lunch. Isha says she will have it later as she needs to finish her job. Surekha knocks the door and asks if she can come in. Isha says her cabin doors are always open for everyone. Surekha walks in and asks how is she.

Isha says she is fine. Savi says she will come later. Isha asks her to sit and asks Surekha her reason for coming. Surekha thinks she is the reason and says she came to meet her and check if she needs anything.

She taunts Isha that she is self-reliant and handled herself really well, hence he is alone even now. Savi says she was forced to live alone, she proved that she is alone but not lonely.

Surekha says she left the Bhosale family, but even now she uses the Bhosale surname. Isha says she has to answer people even today for using this surname.

The End!

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