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StarLife: Timeless Love Update-Tuesday 13 Feb. 2024

By wickedtom Feb 12, 2024

Chitra told everyone that Jai was with her, or else she wouldn’t have come home safely. Vidhi thanks Jai for helping Chitra. Satyavati thanks Jai and says if you were not there, then Vikram would have taken Chitra with him. Priya says Jai saved her like a superhero saving the girl. Jai makes Chitra smile. Vidhi thinks Priya Bhabhi is right.

Satyavati tells Vidhi that Jai has made her laugh. Dev thanks Jai and says I don’t have words to thank you. Jai says you will not get it. He says it is my pleasure that I could help Chitra. He asks Chitra to have tomatoes and says bye to Vidhi.

Amba records a message and sends it to Dev. Vidhi sees the message and asks Dev, why Amba is messaging you. Dev says she has sent so many messages and tells her that Amba gave him a chit during a board meeting, to meet her, but I ignored her. He asks her not to worry.

The next morning, Dev and Vidhi come back home. Satyavati comes there and says that the bills need to be paid. Dev says we are the owners of crores of wealth, it has not been transferred yet. He says he will pay the bills. Just then she gets the message that the bills are paid. Vidhi says she has paid the bills as she got a bonus yesterday. Dev says we have a locker now. Vidhi smiles.

Sakshi comes to Kaushik and gives her an interview. She says that her husband is in jail due to his karma and asks why I shall be punished for his crimes. Kaushik refuses to give her work. Dev comes there. Sakshi tells him that Kaushik is refusing to give her a job, as her husband is in jail.

Dev gives her a job. Sakshi thanks him and goes out. She calls Jai and asks him to send her money, or else she will go and tell Dev that he has sent her to bury his grave. Jai says I didn’t send you to dig his grave, but to weaken him personally and professionally, and to save Vidhi.

He asks her to give him all the details of the business and the info. She says I will give you info until you give you money. Jai says you will get money. Dev tells Kaushik that if she is Amba and Yogesh’s ploy then we will give her info which she shall take to Amba and Yogesh. Kaushik calls him Chacha Chaudhary.

Yogesh tells Amba about the board meeting gives her two options, and says you have to prove competent to handle the meeting or make me MD so that I can handle the company like we were handling. Amba says option 3 and says she will go and meet Dev. Yogesh asks her to read the notice and says it is damn serious. Amba asks what we will do now.

Vidhi gives the presentation to Jai about the midtime break meals that Rao ji bhai got from all over the country. Bimla says she always thought that the food would be healthy, fit in the house budget, and not get rotten soon so that people can buy it whenever they want.

Abhimanyu and Priya also decide the tagline of their product. Jai says I will decide the bid amount. Priya says we shall keep the amount of 98 or 99. Bimla says they shall keep 80 Rs. She says we shall talk to Dev. Priya says yes and calls dev. Sakshi hears Dev talking to Priya and messages Jai that Buddha is working on the same tender. Jai asks Vidhi if she will steal her husband’s secret to reach the height of her career. Vidhi is shocked.

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