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Zee World: King of Hearts Update – Monday 12 Feb. 2024

By wickedtom Feb 12, 2024

Sid crying heavily and says he lost his strength. He says until when I will fight. Anya says you gave me strength and is losing it now. Sid says I would have accepted defeat long back and says you are my strength, thank you. Anya says all paid now.

If I got Arav then it is just because of you, I should thank you. Neil thinks about Sid’s words that he is unfortunate about the relations. Naina asks Neil to open the door and knocks on the door. Neil opens the door. Naina apologizes to him for letting healer come inside and says Sid apologized to me. Neil looks at his pic with Roshni and says there is nothing for me in Ragini’s eyes.

Our relation is not meant to work out. Naina says Sid didn’t mean that and says you are not auspicious or unlucky. Neil says I don’t like him, but he said right. I think love, marriage and relations are not in my destiny, problem is with me. I don’t know what is happening. Roshni hears him and thinks Neil is in this condition because of me.

Anya comes to meet Arav and asks him to get out of coma soon. She says I can’t hide the matter for long and asks him to come back for their baby. She kisses on his hand and says I love you. Arav’s mum comes there, but couldn’t see Anya as nurse calls her.

Anya manages to come out of ward and faints suddenly. Kesar comes to Roshni. Roshni cries hugging them and says she has hurt Sid, and now Neil. She says I have hurt many lives and thinks what she has done. She says I don’t know anything about Sid and Anya’s marriage. Kesar asks her to take care and goes. Anya wakes up in the hospital and sees Simran sitting at her side.

Anya says may be I fainted due to heat. Simran asks her to rest and says she knows about her pregnancy. She says Sid is not having magical stick with which he can woken up Arav. She says Arav is your past and Sid is your present and future.

Anya asks what are you saying? She says Sid and Ragini loves each other a lot, and Arav will be fine also, everything will be back to normal again. Sid is in his house. Roshni comes and says she wants to meet Sid. Guard asks her to sit and says I will call Sid. Simran comes and asks guard to go and do work. Roshni touches her feet and asks her to let her meet Sid once. Simran says no. Sid calls Simran. Simran takes Roshni from there.

Sid comes out of room and asks servant/guard. He says he don’t know. Simran asks Roshni to leave Sid and let him be happy. Roshni says I have realized my mistake and asks her to give her a chance. Simran asks her to give a chance to Sid and let him be happy with Anya.

Roshni asks if Sid is happy with Anya? Simran says he is happy with Anya, and if he is not then I will try fully to make him happy with her. Roshni asks her to let her meet Sid once. Simran refuses and asks her to get out. She thinks she has to do something for Roshni. Roshni thinks if Simran said truth about Sid and Anya, and thinks her Sid loves only her.

Neil asks really? Do you really know how do I feel about you. Roshni asks if he is okay. Neil says he is not okay. Roshni says there is no mistake of yours. Neil asks her to come and sit. He shows her pic and says I clicked this pic during pic and says happiness is reflecting in your eyes. I didn’t see you happy before. He asks her to look at their engagement pic and says you are unhappy and pain. He asks did you think our relationship is cursed.

Roshni asks how it could be a curse when we think good about each other. Neil hugs her emotionally. Roshni is shocked. Neil goes. Roshni thinks about Sid’s words that three lives are ruined because of her. Roshni thinks sorry Neil.

Roshni coming to the office. A man collides with her intentionally. Roshni says sorry. Man says you can’t go by just saying sorry and asks her to give tax, a kiss. Roshni slaps him hard. Man says I am Ranjeet and can buy you. He says you don’t know who am I? Neil comes and slaps him. He says I told you not to come to office and says tells him that Roshni is his bhabhi.

Ranjeet apologizes to her. Neil says he is an embarassment. Roshni asks Ranjeet do you think you can flirt with any woman, you thought that I am a random model and you can do anything. Ranjeet apologizes and thinks to take revenge. Anya tells Sid that some lady had collected report from hospital and says I think Mrs. Khurana is the one. Sid says why she will do this knowing that you are pregnant with Arav’s baby.

Anya gets Mami’s call and she informs her that Simran came to meet Naina. Simran thinks once Naina sees pregnancy report of Anya then she will get Sid and Anya married soon. Sid comes there and asks Simran to come with him and not to play games. Anya tells Naina that Simran left. Sid takes her out and asks why is she ruining many lives. Simran asks what did I do? Sid tells I don’t know what you are doing, and says if anything happens to Anya or her baby because of her then he can’t forgive her.

Roshni is in her office and drinks some juice. She starts laughing in between the meeting. Neil asks Ragini, what happened? Ragini laughs heavily and apologizes again. Clients looks on surprised. Ranjeet smirks and recalls Roshni slapping him. Neil apologizes to clients and says he has to go with Ragini now. Ragini says we can’t leave the meeting. Ranjeet says this is called slap’s echo. Neil takes Ragini to his cabin and asks her to drink water.

Roshni says we shall finish the presentation first. Roshni imagines Sid in Neil and hugs him emotionally and happy. She says you came back….I missed you..missed you, don’t go anywhere Sid. She says I missed you very much. She says I am sorry, it was my mistake. Neil is shocked. Roshni is in dizzy state and says sorry. Sid and Anya come there. Sid asks what happened to her.

Roshni sees Sid coming and falls on him. Sid calls Ragini and asks her to be careful. Sid asks Neil to call the doctor and asks what happened to her. Neil calls doctor and asks him to come urgently. Naina tells that there are so many work pending. Simran comes and thinks how to take the envelope out. She makes an excuse to Naina. Mami asks Servants to clean the house. Servant gets envelope. Mitul eyes it.

Doctor checks Roshni and says she is drugged. He asks them to take care of her. Neil and Sid wonder who could give her drugs. Roshni is still in unconscious state.

Sid tells Neil that he has to take his phone. Neil asks him to take and gets busy on phone. Sid whispers in Roshni’s ears that he will be around her always. Sid asks Anya to tell everyone about Roshni and goes to catch the peon. Peon says I just served her juice, but he added medicine in it. Sid sees Ranjeet and asks who is he? Peon says he is Neil’s younger bro and is taking revenge on Ragini for the slap. Sid says I will show you, what is revenge? Neil calls someone and asks to get some info.

Sid wearing a hooded jacket and is hiding his face. He beats up Ranjeet in the lift and walks off like a true hero. Roshni is still under drug effect and says she miss him. Neil goes to bring water for her. Sid comes there. Roshni says Sid…you have come. She says I did a mistake and have realized it. She says I was wrong, and you are right, don’t go anywhere.

She says I miss you. Sid says I missed you too and will not go anywhere. Roshni hugs him. Neil brings water. Sid sees him coming and hides. Neil asks Roshni to drink water. She refuses, but he insists. Roshni thanks him. Mitul applies ointment on Ranjeet’s wounds. Ranjeet says I will beat that man once I get him.

In the morning, Sid, Roshni and Neil come home. Naina says didn’t you sleep all night. Mitul says even Sid seems to be awake all night. Sid says your eyes are wise. Ranjeet looks at Sid’s hands and tells Mitul that he was Jamai who had beaten him the other day.

Mitul tells Ranjeet that Sid got hurt when Roshni is hurt, and asks him to use his mind. She says I have a plan to take revenge. Sid thinks Roshni’s feelings are out now and thinks she shall talk to him. Anya asks where was you last night? Sid says I was in the office, near her. Anya asks how silly, if Dada have seen you. She says Arav might take time to get well and says we shall continue this act for some more time.

Simran talks to Naina and says she shall show Anya’s kundli to Pandit ji. Naina goes to bring it, Simran checks on the sofa and couldn’t get the report. Mama catches her and mistaken her to be thief. She shouts. Naina says he has misunderstand you and goes to bring water. Simran gets worried and thinks if anyone else see that report that it will be bad.

Sid asks Anya to sit and shares his plan with her. Anya asks Roshni to come with her as someone came for magazine designs. Neil is also coming with her, but Anya asks him to sit and check mail. Ranjeet gives a pendrive to someone and asks him to do something.

Mitul and Ranjeet give him money. He takes it and says he knows what to do. Later Roshni comes to the place as told by Anya and sees Sid. A romantic song Mujhe tumse pyaar hai plays as they look in each other eyes. Neil comes there and calls Ragini. Both are shocked.

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