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Zee World: Radha Mohan Update – Monday 12 Feb. 2024

By wickedtom Feb 12, 2024

Bhushan thinks that even Ketki is speaking the truth today, he plans to quickly run away so secretly turns to leave after picking up his bag while everyone is busy consoling Ketki. Bhushan reaches the door but a rock hits him in the back, he is shocked to see Gungun who explains that he has harmed Gungun and Ketki’s aunt so he is a really bad man, Bhushan angrily goes to slap her but is stopped by Ketki, he is furious at her however Ketki slaps him after pushing his hand, Ketki warns him to not even think about touching Gungun, the entire family is shocked. Ketki consoles Gungun.

Bhushan tries to run away but Ajeet asks where is he going, he explains a person like him should be beaten with shoes, Bhushan manages to even push him but Rahul stops him from running, mentioning someone like him should be killed, he is about to punch Bhushan but Mohan stops Rahul explaining it is the right of someone else to teach him a lesson. Rahul pushes Bhushan away.

Mohan asks Bhushan to come with him, he takes Bhushan to stand in front of Radha signaling her to go ahead and hit him, Radha picks the rod in her hand and slowly starts walking towards Bhushan who gets scared but she walks past him to Ketki, whom she gives the rod explaining it is her right to teach him a lesson for whatever wrong he has done to her, she requests Ketki to even teach him the result of trying to ruin the honor of a women.

Ketki taking the rod walks to Bhushan, he asks her to not do it but Ketki with all her strength hits Bhushan who falls on the couch, Ketki thinks when she got tensed after seeing him, using it as a source of strength she keeps on hitting Bhushan who falls on the ground and is screaming with pain, Tulsi explains she should beat him to the extent that he does not even think about harming any other women. Kaveri is worried if they would also get beaten.

Bhushan requests Kadambari to help him, she instructs them to stop before walking to Ketki, from whom she takes the rod in her own hands noticing how tensed her daughter is, Kadambari throws the rod on the ground.

Bhushan standing up asks her to see what her children have done to him, he explains he took care of her after their parents died and he raised her while even arranged her marriage with Vishwanath, he explains he has not let anything wrong happen to her but this is how they are behaving with him in her house. Kadambari slaps him with all her force, he is shocked

Kadambari holding his collar explains he kept an evil eye on her daughter and is still saying he has done nothing wrong, and he even tried to ruin the honor of her daughter in law but is still saying he has always protected her. Kadambari asks who gave him the right to run the honor of a women, she while slapping him says he does not have any right to live in this world. Ketki once again rushes to hug Mohan who assures there is nothing to be worried about.

The entire family including Bhushan are stunned to see the police when the inspector explains he had called her, Damini informs Kaveri that the police is also involved so Bhushan would reveal the entire truth once he is interrogated, she requests Kaveri to do something. Mohan informs the inspector to arrest this person.

Kaveri running to Mohan explains Bhushan is his uncle so he must let it remain within their family, she asks what are people are going to say about their family and about Ketki, Kaveri mentions their family’s reputation would be ruined.

Mohan asks if they should let such things happen to the women in their family because of the society, revealing everyone thinks the same and this is why they have such people who get the courage to do such things because they tend to remain quiet because of the society, he says he does not care of the society which cannot protect the honor women.

Mohan asks Kaveri if the narrow thinking of the society is worth more then the respect of women, he explains yesterday it was Ketki and today Radha while it would be someone else tomorrow. He explains that whenever the women have not raised their voice against such men, it has only give them courage to do whatever they desire.

Mohan mentions today they found about what happened with Ketki only when Radha raised her voice, and as being the father of a daughter it is his duty to get Bhushan punished, otherwise he would do the same with another women so their daughter should not live feeling scared but such people should be scared. Mohan asks the inspector mam what is she waiting for and should arrest him.

Kaveri runs to Radha explaining she knows that Radha suffered a lot, she apologizes on behalf of Bhushan requesting that Radha should prevent him from going to jail. Kaveri then tries to stop the inspector, Mohan questions what is she tyring to do, as while being a women she is still protecting the person who has not cared for his relation.

Kaveri explains that one mistake of a person should be forgiven, Mohan replies there is difference between sin and mistake, so there is an apology for a mistake but not the sin, he says that such heinous people should not be allowed to remain free then there would be someone else tomorrow, he asks the inspector to take Bhushan away.

Bhushan stops them, requesting Kadambari to stop them from taking him when Kadambari replies that he deserves it so instructs them to take this person away from her sight.

Kaveri runs to hug Bhushan who informs that the wind is changing, and he is going to jail today but will surely return as his revenge from Mohan and Radha is not complete, he will not die without taking his revenge.

Bhushan turning mentions they are wrong and have blamed an innocent person, he explains his name is Bhushan so would surely ruin them all especially Radha. Mohan gets furious asking him to do what he desires, Radha stops him saying there is no need to get his hands dirty after fighting with such a person as the law would decide, Kaveri gets emotional.

Ajeet goes to hug Ketki followed by Radha. Mohan coming to Ketki apologies to her so she once again hugs him, Mohan sees Radha standing in front of him and after looking at her he gets emotional, so he even hugs her, Damini is furious thinking Radha once again managed to defeat her, she vows to not let Mohan fall in love with her.

Radha is cleaning the color in the room, she notices that Mohan is standing behind her, Radha turning walks to him asking what has happened, he enters the room apologizing for his mistakes since he promised her Grandparents that he would take care of her but then that heinous person came in front of him to misbehave with her but he did not notice what she was about to realize, Radha says there are not different from each other, Radha asks Mohan to calm down as there is no need to be emotional.

Radha wonders what can she do, she explains it would have happened if he looked in the eyes of his wife with love, he asks if this is the time to joke. Radha says he claimed she is his wife but has he ever talked with love with her and even hugged her, so how would he know about her feelings. Radha hugs Mohan with a smile on her face, he hesitantly embraces her and is crying while Radha starts smiling, he places his hand on her head while still hugging her.

Damini furiously enters the room asking if Kaveri saw how Mohan hugged Radha and was calling her as his wife in front of everyone. Damini explains she thought they would cause differences between Radha and Mohan with the help of Bhushan uncle but he went to jail and their plan ruined.

Damini is worried if after all that has happened, they once again become the Bhagt of Radha, she is worried thinking how Mohan is supporting her. Damini and Kaveri both are stunned to hear the voice of flute, but they cannot physically see anyone so understand it is Tulsi who explains that even when it has taken a little time, both Radha and Mohan have become one.

Damini explains that no matter what Tulsi does she would not let Radha and Mohan become one, she tries to hit Tulsi when Kaveri stops her questioning if she forgot what Tulsi can do to them so she should sit down. Tulsi explains that this flute would bring back the love between them both.

Radha asks if Mohan has ever seen his wife with love and until he does not do it then how can he get the sense of love, she hugs him tightly seeing which Mohan also hesitantly embraces her, recalling how he warned Damini that she is talking with the mother of Gungun and his wife.

Mohan and Radha try to separate but her Mangal Sutur gets stuck with his locket, he keeps staring her in the eyes while she is also looking at him, Mohan asks her to wait for a moment while he will remove the Mangal Sutur, her hair gets strangled in his watch due to which she screams, he immediately apologizes to her for it and then manages to remove the hair from his watch. Radha asks why is he apologizing to him, suggesting he should stop crying otherwise Gungun would see him.

Mohan agrees so he immediately starts wiping off his tears, Mohan explains that Radha can ask him for anything today as it is her day, she smiles asking if he is sure. Gungun from the calls Radha explaining it is the best time to ask for a big gift, suggesting she should ask for chocolates for an entire year.

Mohan turning asks for how long has she been standing there, Ajeet also coming to her explains when Mohan hugged Radha while trying to apologize, Radha is also stunned and Mohan explains even he is here, Ketki also coming out says even she was here from the time he was apologizing to her.

Ajeet suggests she should ask for a honeymoon in Switzerland since it is the right time and even he would also go there with them, Ketki hits him from behind and mentions how Mohan bhai gets really romantic in the cold weather. Radha starts smiling while Mohan gets tensed, explaining he might have said a lot but now is ready to give her everything.

Damini and Kaveri are hearing when Kaveri explains what if Radha asks him for something after which she will oust them both, Damini signals her to stop talking.

Radha hesitantly explains this is her first Holi being hiss wife and mother of Gungun so even after whatever happened today, she feels they should celebrate Holi together as a family in a manner which they can always remember, Mohan is stunned explaining he thought she would ask for something big, Radha replies she will never ask for something which he cannot give to her, Mohan agrees replying she will surely get what she has asked for so they would celebrate Holi in Radha’s style, explaining but without the stick.

Dulari coming asks how would they celebrate Holi since the guests have eaten all the food, Ajeet comes and even there are no colors left for them, Mohan taking the thali asks what more do they need, Radha stops him saying there is still one thing else, which is the happiness of Kadambari.

Ketki walks over to her who is sitting on the swing, Kadambari hugging Ketki explains a mother can even understand what their children do not say but what kind of a mother is she that she could not see what Radha was able to see, she apologizes to Ketki as she was not able to fulfill the responsibility of being a mother.

Ketki hugging Kadambari explains she is not at fault, Kadambari calls Radha also requesting if she can forgive her, as she was neither able to be the good mother to Ketki neither a good mother-in-law to her, Kadambari explains she wants to talk about something important, Mohan rushes to her saying that she must first have the Thandai, Kadambari stops saying she has to talk about something important however Mohan forces them all to have the Thandai, Dulari asks if Gungun would not drink it, she says she always drinks chocolate milk. Damini smiles thinking they all do not know what is going to happen, she is stunned to see that Kaveri has also drunk the Thandai.

Mohan and Radha both have gotten drunk, she is smiling while Mohan is telling the jokes and she is smiling, he asks what does she like about his face when she says she likes his nose which is round, Mohan replies she is jealous of him. Mohan says he also hates her hair and desires that he would cut them, Radha says she really likes her hair and would not let anyone cut them.

Mohan refuses to listen but then Radha coming close to him kisses him on the cheek, he asks her to get back as he would look better but she says she will not go back as she is his wife, Radha falls on him but screams, he asks why is she screaming when she even fell on him. Kadambari starts smiling seeing them both so runs to Vishwanath who is sitting on the swing, Kaveri and Kadambari both start pulling him but he after a while runs away.

Damini and Gungun are standing on the opposed sides of the pillar when Gungun asks why are they behaving like this, Damini says because they have drunk Bhang. Gungun and Damini angrily walk away.

Ketki is sitting on top of Rahul who is acting as if he is a horse, Ajeet coming explains she should not sit on Rahul but on him as he is her husband, Rahul replies that Ajeet would look more like a donkey then horse, they both start fighting meanwhile Ketki leaves.

Radha is walking, Mohan questions why did she kiss him on the cheek, she replies saying because she desired it, Mohan instructs her to stop saying now only what he desires would happen, Mohan closing his eyes prepares to kiss her, but Radha leaves and Damini stops him questioning what is he doing, he asks her to give him the cheek, she agrees but Mohan opens his eyes questioning what is she doing, she says he himself asked her to give the cheek. Mohan says he was talking to sweety and runs away.

Damini tries to follow him, but Gungun stops him asking why is she interfering between them both.

Radha climbing on the table instructs them all to stop, Mohan calls her sweety when she explains they have to do what needs to be done, Mohan tries to once again kiss her, but she says she meant they must play the music, Rahul runs to play it.

The entire family starts dancing on the song and are enjoying a lot, Radha along with Mohan start dancing as a couple, Tulsi is smiling while Gungun is trying her best to stop Damini from ruining everything. Ajeet and Ketki also enjoy a lot dancing together, Radha pulls Mohan away. Vishwanath cannot understand what to do with Kadambari and Kaveri, Damini tries to talk some sense into her mother however is not able to do anything because of Gungun.

Radha once again tries to kiss Radha, but she stops him, he then picks her up on his back and Damini is trying her best to stop them, Gungun causes Damini to fall but hitting her on the feet. Tulsi is also smiling.

Mohan walks with Radha to the room, she asks if he can walk backwards. Mohan places Radha on the bed but himself gets trapped under her, they both are able to sit straight when Radha informs that her head is twisting, Mohan instructs her to look straight up otherwise she would be lying down on the floor.

Mohan goes to close the door while Damini is trying to stop hi, however he closes the door on her face due to which she falls down on the floor, Damini then opening the window is shocked to see that Mohan is trying to kiss Radha.

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