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Zee World: The Good Wife Update (Episode 21) – Monday 12 Feb. 2024

By wickedtom Feb 12, 2024

Zhou Xinyan met to discuss the matter of the tasting meeting and learned that the coffee beans had not yet arrived, so he began to think about strategies to frame Li Jiayu. Zhou Xinyan secretly entered the warehouse while the workers were away, intending to destroy the coffee beans used in the tasting club.

The next day, Li Jiayu discovered that the coffee beans identified last night were mixed with other garbage coffee beans. Zheng Yanan suspected that someone had done it intentionally. However, Zhou Xinyan criticized Zheng Yanan’s unfounded speculation and immediately ordered Xia Xin, who won second place, to replace Li Jiayu’s plan.

Li Jiayu did not want to give up this opportunity. She wanted to pick out good coffee beans before the tasting and urge Zhou Xinyan to give her a chance. Everyone didn’t know that this was Zhou Xinyan’s deliberate embarrassment for Zheng Yanan. They all helped Li Jiayu. Zhou Xinyan reluctantly agreed to wait for Li Jiayu’s formula before 9 o’clock tomorrow. Zhou Xinyan warned Zheng Yanan not to understand the rules and help Li Jiayu.

Li Jiayu worked overtime to pick coffee beans. She clearly knew that all of this was designed by Zhou Xinyan, and she would never give up the opportunity to get right. Li Jiayu called and asked Li Jiaxing to come to the warehouse to help.

Zhou Xinyan didn’t wait until the next day, announced at the meeting to enable Xia Xin’s plan, and asked Secretary Tian Xiaowei to prepare.

Zheng told Lin Tianming that there was a problem with the coffee beans in the tasting meeting. Lin Tianming immediately guessed that something was wrong and hurried to the head office. Lin Tianming learned from Zheng Yanan’s mouth that the coffee beans were destroyed. He decided to return to the head office and appointed him to enter the marketing team. President Zheng wanted Lin Tianming to return to be the general manager, and Lin Tianming only wanted to create a marketing b team to compete with Zhou Xinyan.

Li Jiayu ate a bite and grew a wisdom, let Li Jiaxing help her staring at the tasting venue and photographed all the processes, she could not let Zhou Xinyan count her again.

Lin Tianming went to the warehouse to help Li Jiayu choose coffee beans. Li Jiayu didn’t want to drag him down and refused his help. Lin Tianming was not a person who gave up when he was rejected. He insisted on staying despite Li Jiayu’s opposition.

In order to avoid suspicion, he carried two large bags of coffee beans outside the warehouse to pick them. The strength of two people is always better than the efforts of one person, Li Jiayu no longer insists on refusing his help. The two were having fun in bitterness, with a sweet sense of busyness.

Li Jiaxing pretended to be a courier, and asked Zheng Yanan to cooperate with him in the tasting session and photographed the whole process of the tasting session.

Gu Min wanted to go to the tasting meeting, but He Haoze and Zhou Xinyan did not want her to participate, but it was inconvenient to say that He Zhenguo came forward to stop Gu Min from letting her go, and Gu Min was filled with dissatisfaction.

Zhou Xinyan was worried that Li Jiayu picked out the coffee beans. He went to the warehouse to confirm the first time he went to work. He learned from the watchman that Li Jiayu had spent most of the night and had not picked all the coffee beans. Zhou Xinyan announced that Li Jiayu’s formula could not be used. Let everyone arrange the meeting place.

Who knows that Li Jiayu has been waiting for the meeting with qualified coffee beans. Fang Zhijie inspected the original beans and found that there were no inferior original beans, which greatly appreciated Li Jiayu. Zhou Xinyan wanted to embarrass Li Jiayu, insisting that Xia Xin and Li Jiayu participate in a tasting session together.

Zhou Xinyan told Xia Xin in private that Li Jiayu won the first place not because of her personal ability. Zhou Xinyan wanted to provoke Xia Xin’s jealousy to Li Jiayu. Xia Xin was a professional barista. This time he failed to get the first place feeling aggrieved. Zhou Xinyan wanted to use Xia Xin to deal with Li Jiayu through this.

He Haoze and Zhou Xinyan tried their best to prevent Li Jiayu’s success. They learned that Lin Guodong came directly from the airport to the venue, and Zhou Xinyan came up with a bad move to frame Li Jiayu.

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