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Zee World: Twist Of Fate Update – Friday 9 February 2024

By wickedtom Feb 9, 2024

Friday Update on Twist Of Fate: Prachi says thank God, Akshay is with me. Ranbir says I will talk to you when you calm down. He goes. Vishaka hears them and says I can understand being a mother, and asks her to be careful and keep an eye everywhere.

She says I have kept my children safe and my experience can say that Ranbir will try to snatch Khushi from you, but I don’t want a daughter to be separated from her mother. She instigates her against Ranbir and goes.

Manpreet asks Mihika to give a peacock feather to Khushi and says she will be happy. She asks her to bond well with Khushi from her heart.

She goes. Vishaka tells Manpreet that Khushi will help you get closer to Ranbir, and says parents like people who love their children. Mihika says I already love Khushi. Vishaka asks her to pretend to love her more.

Ranbir is thinking of Prachi. Prachi comes there and says she doesn’t want to talk. Ranbir says we shall sit and talk and clear our misunderstandings before more misunderstandings come. He says your happiness matters to me a lot and there is nothing more important to me than your happiness.

Prachi asks him not to talk about her happiness and says you have hurt me so much, that you have no idea and I was hurt as I trusted you and thought my Ranbir couldn’t hurt me, but you hurt me. Ranbir says it is all a lie and asks what is going on in your mind. He asks her to keep her hand on his heart and tells her that he just wants her and his happiness, and wants a happy family with them.

Prachi says you are wrong as I am not your wife anymore. Ranbir says you are my family, we are one family and says Akshay and others are just for showoff and you know this. He asks her to use her mind and understand the things and says I will not make you understand more.

Akshay hears him and smiles. Prachi asks Akshay if you told Ranbir that our marriage is fake. Akshay says I never think this way, for me you are my wife and I am your husband. He says I came to talk to you, but your mood is off. He says Khushi told me that Ranbir wants to take me out to the park for a walk, but I feel it is not a good idea as the weather is bad.

He says I couldn’t refuse as I want to be in her good books, and says Ranbir asks Khushi not to tell anyone and tells that she might not tell you. He asks her to see what she can do. He cooks up a lie to provoke her against Ranbir and smiles.

Prachi runs after Khushi and asks her to have orange juice. Khushi says no and says you have fed me paneer paratha 5 minutes back. Prachi says you had it 30 minutes before.

Mihika comes there. Khushi says she doesn’t want to have the juice now. Vishaka asks Prachi not to feed her food forcibly and asks her to do what she wants. Khushi smiles. Prachi says she is good at talks. Mihika says let her chill for some time.

Prachi sits looking at Khushi. Ranbir sits beside her and asks why you are so sad. Prachi asks why I will be bad. Ranbir says I understand your sadness. Prachi says since she was born, she has been my part and I forget all my worries. She says she couldn’t get a chance to express her love, so she tries to be with her. She says she wants Khushi to be with her like this.

Ranbir says you are jealous. Prachi says no. Ranbir says that Khushi’s love for you will never end, in fact, it will grow more. She says Khushi’s love will never change for you. Prachi says if you understand my love for her, then don’t separate me from her.

Ranbir says why will I separate her from you, you are her mother. Prachi thinks of Akshay and Vishaka’s provocative words. She asks him to promise her. Ranbir says if I wanted to take Khushi then I will take her from in front of her and then you can stop her.

He gets up and goes. They start the aarti. Everyone is standing for Aarti. Akshay thinks of separating them using Khushi and says Ranbir can’t enter Prachi’s life again. He calls the goon and asks him to come inside and meet Ranbir. Vishaka asks Akshay to do puja with Prachi. Prachi looks at Ranbir.

 Manpreet asked everyone to come for aarti. Ashok and Manpreet begin the aarti. Vishaka calls Akshay to do puja with his life partner. Prachi does aarti with Akshay.

Manpreet asks Ranbir to do puja with Mihika. Mihika and Ranbir do the aarti together. Ranbior then does aarti with Khushi. Abhay and others do the aarti. Pandit Ji asks Prachi to give prasad to everyone. Akshay says that some dancers would have come, but they got late. He says we will break the handi after the dance performance. He says guess what, who will break the handi.

The dancers come there. The goon comes there in disguise as a dancer. Akshay signs him. The dancers dance. Khushi dances in front of them. Ranbir dances with Khushi. Radhe song plays…..The goon keeps eye on Khushi. Ranbir and Khushi while the dancers dance in the background. Prachi, Akshay, and others look on. Ranbir gives water to Khushi and then makes her eat the biscuit.

Akshay gets up and signs the goon. The goon goes to Ranbir and Khushi and lifts her. Ranbir gets a call and goes from there, as he couldn’t hear. Akshay signs the goon. The goon looks at Khushi. Vishaka asks them to sit and says Khushi will break dahi handi.

Prachi says I will get the stuff to break dahi handi. Manpreet calls Khushi and asks where did she go? Vishaka looks at Akshay and doesn’t act anything. Ranbir comes out to attend the spam (Akshay’s goon’s) call. Akshay’s other goon attacks him and snatches his phone. Ranbir hits him and takes back his phone.

Prachi comes back and asks where is Khushi? Akshay asks why you are not searching for her. Prachi says she must have hidden somewhere intentionally. Akshay asks Ranbir was saying the same thing and asks where is he. Abhay says he has last seen Ranbir with a strange-looking guy. Everyone begins searching again.

Prachi asks Khushi to come out and goes inside the room. She says you trouble me a lot and asks her to come out. She checks everywhere in the room, and thinks she is not in the room or terrace, and says where did she go?

She recalls Ranbir playing and seek game with Khushi. An FB is shown, and Ranbir catches Khushi as she sits in the cupboard. Khushi asks him to play again. Ranbir keeps his hand on his eyes. Khushi hides under the blanket on the bed. Ranbir searches for her. Khushi scares him and says she has won.

Ranbir comes inside. Ashok asks where is Khushi? Ranbir says she was here. Ashok says Khushi is not here. Ranbir says she must be with Prachi and says I will call her.

Divya says that Prachi went to search for her. Akshay acts as a possessive father and says if anything happens to her, she is my life, and asks him to take care of her. Ranbir says I can understand and asks him not to worry. Akshay looks on as Ranbir goes. Vishaka also pretends to search her, though she knows about her kidnapping.

Prachi searches for her and pulls the blanket, but she is not there. Vishaka says she is not under the bed. Prachi cries and says she doesn’t do this and says she is scared.

She says I will search for her. Manpreet asks her to see. Ranbir says maybe she is in the garden and says I will go and see her there. Ranbir asks Prachi if she saw it everywhere. Prachi says yes, I searched everywhere.

Ranbir says I will go out and check. Akshay asks where is Khushi? Ranbir says I have seen you with Khushi with a strange guy. Abhay says you were talking to a guy who was one of the dancers. Ranbir says yes, I talked so what do you mean?

Akshay blames Ranbir for kidnapping his daughter Khushi. Ranbir asks are you serious? Akshay says I know your intention, and says you don’t want my daughter to stay with us.

Ranbir asks if you have gone mad. Akshay says I will go to any extent to get her and says the matter is about my daughter. Ranbir says she is my daughter and I will not take her.

Akshay says you show that you are very good, but you want to keep her away from Prachi and me. Ranbir asks have you gone mad and says that Prachi is her mother, so why will I separate Khushi from her? Akshay says I heard you telling Khushi that you want Prachi and Khushi as your family. He says that Khushi said that she wants to stay here, and she loves me more. He asks if she doesn’t say this.

Ranbir says she said this, but. Prachi asks him to say if Khushi said that she wants to stay here with me. Ranbir says yes, what’s wrong I said. Akshay says you kidnapped her so that your work is done and nobody could know about it. Ranbir asks if I will kidnap my own daughter.

Akshay says I am saying what I heard and saw. Ranbir says I felt good when Khushi said that she loves you all, and I am happy that you all love her. Akshay asks him to tell him where is his daughter. Ranbir says she is my daughter too.

Akshay says she is not your daughter. He asks what is this mark on your neck and says Khushi must have scratched you when you were kidnapping her. Ranbir says someone attacked me outside. Manpreet asks what you are doing Akshay?

Akshay says I am your son and you don’t trust me, but I will prove this in front of you all. He says Khushi is my daughter, and says I will prove it. He asks Ranbir, what you were talking to that dancer. Ranbir says I didn’t know him.

Akshay asks Abhay to go and get the CCTV footage so that everyone comes to know who has done this and why. He tells Ranbir that he is from a respected family and says the orphanage people made him Khushi’s father. Ranbir asks have you gone mad if I will kidnap my own daughter.

He said if I wanted to take her, then she would have come with me. Akshay says the matter is about Prachi, as you want her. Ashok asks Akshay if you are mad to say this. Prachi says I can’t hear any drama daily.

Akshay says I am not saying this to humiliate you, and says your respect is mine, and says I heard from him that he wants to separate Khushi from Prachi.

Mihika asks what you are saying? She says you are saying that Ranbir’s sight is on Prachi, but actually Prachi’s sight is on Ranbir. She says I am sorry, you will hate me, but I will say that your sight doesn’t go off Ranbir. Prachi, Ranbir, and others are shocked.

The End!

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