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ZeeWorld: Meet in Love – Monday 12 Feb. 2024

By wickedtom Feb 12, 2024
Meet in Love

Meet and Meet Ahlawat looking for baby and Kamal. Meet Ahlawat says to be careful they could have weapons to attack us. They enter the room and see it’s empty. Meet Ahlawat says nobody is here now how did we find them? Meet says let’s search the room for some clues and they start looking. Meet Ahlawat and find a knife and lemon in a drawer. Meet says after seeing this it’s clear they are superstitious.

Hoshiyar friends tell him about Laila. Barfi listening there conversation from a distance. Hoshiyar says before I get angry go out. His friend says we will show you her picture tomorrow. Barfi says if anyone sees the photo her reputation will be ruined I have to stop that.

Barfi walks in and says you were discussing my daughter. Hoshiyar says don’t bother them. Barfi says your friends think Neelu is a bar dancer, but she is not, you can go and check if my daughter in her room is the same or you are still drunk. Hoshiyar says no need for that. Barfi says they are accusing my daughter things should be clear.

Meet says to Meet Ahlawat look carefully for any clue. Meet and find paper pieces on the carpet. They attach them accordingly and see a few numbers on paper. Meet suggest to talk on these number as Pooja and Kamal to find out about them.

Kamal and Pooja are in the market disguised as vegetable sellers. They pass through the police. A police officer stops them.

Barfi shows Isha reading a book in the bedroom. Hoshiyar friends get confused after seeing her. Barfi says look at her she is my daughter Neelu does she look like Laila? Friends apologize to Barfi and leave. Isha asks Neelu why Amma asks her to sit in your clothes. Neelu says I have no idea.

Hoshiyar apologizes to Barfi and leaves. Hoshiyar also leaves with them. Barfi thinks I believe they don’t have any doubt but I have to take care of the situation.

Police officers stopped them and asked why they were selling vegetables this late at night. Kamal says we are going to a hotel. The inspector asks him about the name of the hotel. Kamal gets scared and thinks I don’t know any hotel name.

Meet and Meet Ahlawat trying all the numbers.

Police checking his basket. Few people start arguing behind them. Kamal asks Pooja to leave quickly and they start walking.

Meet says this is the last number she dialed and someone picked up the phone. A baba picks up the phone, he asks who is this. Meet says I’m Pooja, Kamla’s wife. Baba says I’m reaching the destination and the clothes of red color do you have all the necessary arrangements for sacrifice we don’t have time we are only left with 30 minutes. Meet Ahlawat says Baba I’m Kamal where are you. He gives his location. He says we will meet soon. Meet says we have to catch him in Bazar Gali to stop baby and they leave.

Hoshiyar brings a smoothie for Masum. Masum says you were discussing me right? Hoshiyar says it was boys’ talk. Masum asked then what Barfi was doing with you. Hoshiyar says her daughter was involved in our conversation so she was included. Masum gets shocked and says how Neelu was your friend’s topic of discussion. Hoshiyar says someone is calling me.

Masum stops him and says tell what happened. Hoshiyar tells her about Laila and says now Barfi has cleared out the confusion. Masum thinks and connects the dot about Neelu’s behavior. Masum asks if everything connects and what is the connection between Neelu and Laila.

Kamal and Pooja reach a location and take the baby out of the vegetable basket. Pooja says I’ll call Baba and check where he is. Pooja says there is no network. Kamal says don’t worry he knows where to come till that time I’ll make arrangements you look after, after the sacrifice, we will be able to have a baby.

Meet and Meet Ahlawat looking for Baba in the market. Meet hurt her leg.

Masum, Isha, Sunaina and Neelu together. Masum says we all will party tonight, it’s going to be girls’ night so let’s make some memories. Isha says I’ll always be up for a party, she invites Neelu to say don’t tell Amma about this. Sunaina says I’m ready.

Masum says the dress code is Western wear and she gives the dress to everyone. Neelu looks at her dress and says it’s so short I can’t wear this. Masum tries to convince her to wear a dress by using Meet Ahlawat. Neelu agrees to wear a dress, everyone leaves to change. Masum thinks this party will be fun when I will be able to prove Neelu is not the way she is.

Baba sits in the auto and leaves. Meet Ahlawat and Meet looking for Baba in a red dress. They see Baba leaving in an auto, they start chasing the auto. Meet Ahlawat stops the auto, he brings Baba out and they start interrogating him.

Kamal and Pooja are done with the sacrifice arrangements.

Baba asks Meet to remove her hand. Meet Ahlawat and try to scare him. Baba to everyone look how she is misbehaving with me. A man asks her to leave Baba. Meet says he is a fraud, he is going to sacrifice a baby.

Meet scolds Baba and says this man is going to sacrifice a baby, he is human, and he tricked a couple into believing that sacrificing a baby will give them a baby boy. Baba denies it and says I have divine powers and I will prove myself. Meet Ahlawat says he is a liar and the baby there is in problem. Meet says to Meet Ahlawat we can’t harm him calm down people believe him and not us.

Isha and Sunaina partying in their room. Sunaina says Masum organized this party where is she? Masum walks in and says I have our next member too. Neelam walks in and says I am very awkward. Isha says chill, you are looking very pretty just relax.

Sunaina makes a drink and gives it to Neelam and says this will free you. Neelam says Masum Di I don’t drink, Masum says okay I will get you juice. Isha plays music. Sunaina tries to dance with Neelam. Masum adds alcohol to Neelam’s drink and thinks this will bring Laila out. Neelam has the juice.

Kamal and Pooja make preparations for the sacrifice, they tie the baby in a cradle and hang it. Kamal sees Pooja is worried and says don’t worry Babaji will be here soon.

Babaji takes a coconut says mantra and says I have trapped negativity in this coconut and when this coconut breaks all negativity will go away. Meet Ahlawat whispers he is just fooling around. A man breaks a coconut and sees red water. Everyone believes in Baba’s magic. Meet falls at Babaji’e’s feet and says please forgive me, I believe in you, and signs Meet Ahlawat to join. Meet Ahlawat falls on Babaji’s feet and removes an injection and a red water bottle from his bag.

Masum takes Neelam to her room. Masum says to her Meet Ahlawat loves girls in western dresses, you should buy more and buy from the same shop where you bought a silver dress. Neelam says it wasn’t mine. Masum says cmon we are friends and friends don’t keep secrets.

Neelam says I don’t have any secrets. Masum thinks God looks like she needs more alcohol and gives her water and adds alcohol to it. Masum insists Neelam has it, but Neelam keeps denying it. Masum keeps forcing her, Neelam pushes her away and Masum hurts her head. Neel turns into Laila, Barfi walks in switches off the lights, and takes Neelam away.

Meet says to Babaji with your blessings I have divine powers too, and picks a coconut says mantra and asks a man to break it again, he breaks it and sees red water. All start believing in Meet and Babaji and cheer their name. Meet shows everyone how she turned water red and showed injection. Meet calls Baba a murderer, The Crowd gets angry and starts beating Babaji.

Kamal gets annoyed and says looks like Babaji won’t come in time.

Masum switches on the light, and Barfi walks to her and threatens her. Barfi says to her, if you try forcing Neelam again, I won’t spare you, Masum says have you seen your daughter, she pushed me so hard. Barfi says I pushed you, and if you try doing something again I will make your life hard and leaves.

Masum says am I drunk, I didn’t understand that Barfi pushed me.

Meet stops everyone and says we need to save the child first, police will punish him. Police walk to them and ask Babaji where the is baby, Babaji gives the location and says it will take 20 min.

Kamal says to Pooja you will give birth to a baby boy because we will sacrifice this baby today.

Babaji tells Meet that Kamal will sacrifice definitely because he knows the procedure.

Meet and Meet Ahlawat and start finding the old house in the forest. Meet says that Meet Ahlawat lets separate and find. Meet Ahlawat says I can’t see you in danger again, I don’t want that feeling where I would be losing you. Meet says don’t worry I won’t leave you so soon, Whether you like me or not I will always be with you, let’s go find the child.

Kamal says to Pooja, we soon will sacrifice the baby and we will be pregnant with a boy, do you know what to do? Pooja says yes turn the cradle and the baby will fall into the fire and will be sacrificed. Meet and Meet Ahlawat finds a house and they start looking for the baby.

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